Joker Earth 02




  • Name: Joker
  • Real Identity: Unknown
  • Status:  Deseased after being killed when joybuzzer backfired
  • Height: 6ft 2in
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Green (balding)
  • Unusual Features:  Skin bleached white due to unknown chemical exposure and green balding hair.  Poor health. 
  • Abilities: Cunning criminal. In no condition for physical combat as he depends on a wheelchair and an oxygen tank for his survival.
  • Weapons:   Various
  • Weaknesses:  Mental Instability and failing health.
  • First Appearance:  Batman #1, Spring 1940. 


Joker’s origin in this universe is believed to be the direct result of a confrontation with the Batman that had resulted in a focused hatred of the Jester for Dark Knight to the point of declaring war on the Batman and his successors. JOKER EARTH TWO has outlived not only all the criminals of his generation but also Bruce Wayne, and might have even been involved in his death, making this the one and only Joker to have killed his Batman. It has even been suggested that JOKER EARTH TWO knew the real identity of his Batman.

Joker has extended his hatred to all successors of Batman included Robin and HUNTRESS EARTH TWO (in this universe, Huntress is in reality HELENA WAYNE, daughter of the millionaire that donned the cape of Batman and who has sworn to kill the JOKER EARTH TWO after the Jester disfigured Gotham’s City District Attorney Harry Simms in an effort to duplicate Harvey Dent.  Her goal is to stop this long life war the Joker has set against her family and friends)

Huntress teamed up with Kara-L and attacked Joker in his hideout.  As Joker tried to kill HUNTRESS EARTH TWO, but the attack is intercepted by Kara-L and the Jester’s joybuzzer backfired electrocuting him (Justice Society of America Annual vol 3 #1).

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