Joker Earth 01



  • Name: Joker
  • Real Identity: Unknown
  • Status:  Deseased after Earth-1 ceased to exist
  • Height: Unknown (Presumably 0ver 6 ft)
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Green
  • Unusual Features:  Skin bleached white due to unknown chemical exposure. 
  • Abilities: Cunning criminal.  Average fighter
  • Weapons:   Joker venom (Batman #321),  Joker fish (Detective Comics #475-476)
  • Weaknesses:  Mental Instability
  • First Appearance:  Batman #85, August 1954 (canonical, but suggested Batman had fought this Joker before)

This Joker, along with JOKER EARTH TWO and JOKER NEW EARTH share a myriad of characteristics in common. The first mention of JOKER EARTH ONE reflects retroactive changes in the character’s first published history (Retcon).  Though it is suggested JOKER EARTH  ONE appeared between 1954 and1986, the truth is that it can hardly be differentiated from his EARTH TWO counterpart and is said to also appeared in BATMAN # 1 SPRING 1940 as well. Either way, this is one of the earliest versions of the villain.

 This Joker seemed to have had a sociopathic personality, and the fact that sets him appart from other versions is the revelation of a Pre-Joker identity:  THE RED HOOD, while his earliest predecessor (JOKER EARTH TWO) was only known as Joker during his entire criminal career. The RED HOOD identity was later revisited in Alan Moore’s THE KILLING JOKE (1989)

In 1985, with the introduction of the CRISIS OF THE INFINITE EARTHS, the multiverse collapsed and EARTH ONE, along with all its inhabitants ceased to exist leading to the NEW EARTH Joker.



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