G3 Laughing Fish


LaughingFish has been a Jokerholic from a young age, but her love affair with the Clown didn’t really start  until the summer of 2008 when she saw The Dark Knight in theaters. After that, she began reading the comics, rewatching the animated series, and became part of the Bat-fan community at large. Her artwork tends to be  abstract and brightly colored, but she does draw the occasional  realistic piece and paints a bit as well. When she isn’t drawing Joker  fanart, she is writing Joker-centric  fanfiction, writing on her blog at her website Wordflow, and earning her Chemistry degree.

You can visit the artist at SUGARY SNICKET PRODUCTIONS

  5 Responses to “G3 Laughing Fish”

  1. Yee! *does a little dance* I feel so happy seeing my work somewhere people can really appreciate it. Thanks Jokerlady. ^^

    • Have you consider using another medium for the coloring to make your pallette and opaque and richer? Maybe colored pencils with a colorless blender? Maybe even go digital?

      Just an idea. I still like it a lot

      • I do, but I also scan the images in. I recolor a bit in the GIMP, a photoshopping program, and then the result ends up here. I usually stick to markers or colored pencils, maybe with some highlighter thrown in. 🙂

        I can’t go digital that well. I haven’t got a tablet. 🙁

  2. No prob, Fishie

    I love your style. The angular strokes is something you don’t see often, so it is refreshing and the colorful pallette really gives it an almost “stained glass” appearance.

    Good work!

    • I have a very specific style for Joker. I want him to look angular, sharp, and dangerous. In contrast, when I draw Batman, I give him a much more swooping, flowing look for his cape and a more boxy build for his body. It makes him look more substantial and powerful compared to the more angular, thin Joker. However you asked for Joker art only, not Batman art, so Joker is what you get. ^^

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