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Yayoi Neko:  

Also known by the pen name of Thundertori  Renowed anime artist famous for several collections of manga art.  Among her most well known work is the series Incubus, but she has published a myriad of other stories in other manga collections.  I had the great pleasure of meeting her personally  at  MegaCon 2010 in Orlando Fla. and was impressed by her friendly, down to earth personality despite her fame in the manga world.  She is extremely talented, as even at the convention she was creating sketches for new ideas.  Besides her manga work, Yayoi has also published some work on Joker and  Batman-Joker Slash that are now famous. 

When I asked her to contribute art for her gallery she wanted to talk to the Joker fandom as well.  Here it is, in her owm words:

I had liked the Joker since first seeing the 1960’s TV series, but became more interested after Batman: Knightfall came out. But became a fan when Batman The Animated Series came out. I am more interested in the comicverse and animated Joker’s. My most prefered form of Joker is probably from Batman The Animated Series I grew a major crush on him when that series aired X3

To my tastes, my most highly regarded artists to depict Joker is Brain Bolland (The Killing Joke), Bruce Timm  (BTAS, Mad Love), Kelly Jones (Knightfall covers, Dark Joker The Wild), Graham Nolan (Devil’s Advocate), Tony Daniel (Batman RIP), Alex Ross, Kiya Asamiya (Child of Dreams), Brian Stelfreeze (Shadow of the Bat covers), and Marshall Rogers (The Laughing Fish, Sign of the Joker), and Neal Adams (only before 1990’s).

 Now friends, enjoy a sample of her wonderful art!


You can reach this great artist and watch her creations at:  http://www.yayoineko.com/index.php

Or you can visit her gallery at Deviant Art at :  http://thundertori.deviantart.com/

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