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  1. How do i submit sketches or do i just post here?
    This was one i did at work.
    This was in a water colour pad for a friend to paint.
    This is an old doodle i did with a biro while at work.
    One of my many unfinished drawings.
    I forgot to colour his shirt on this one.
    If you like these there is more Batman ect at my deviantart page

  2. So what does everybody think?

  3. I personally like it. Your look is refreshing and young and at the same time keeping the classic Joker look from the comics. Great job. Wonder what this guy would look like when inked and/or colored…hmm

  4. Looks like Joker to me not bad i would though do something about the one arm before you go any further it looks a lot thicker than the other arm holding the cane.keep up the good work Troy.

  5. I like it. 🙂 Hey JokerLady, how do I get around to the rest of the fanart? I know I submitted some of mine to you… Otherwise I might just have to start on dA again or something.

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