Joker’s Funhouse: A Museum




A Museum Dedicated to  everything about the Clown Prince of Crime

And I mean it leterally…EVERYTHING.  It is my obsession to collect Joker related merchandise and I felt compelled to try to gather most of the Joker-related merchandise out there into one single roof for the Joker fanatics of the world (which I sweetly call Jokerholics) to enjoy. This collection is a never ending, probably incomplete, and ever growing  project so I will recommend regular visits to get the updated entries.  Now…

The Museum is divided into “rooms” that are accessed by clicking on the links provided below and you will be led to a list of the items on the collection.  To enter the galleries, please click on the ICON-KEY provided atop the list. Rooms will show pictures and detailed info on each item showcased (when possible) just like you will find in a real museum.

PURPLE entries are already part of my private collection, RED entries are items I am searching for and HIGHLIGHTED items are just part of the archives. I have to thank all those whose pics I had to borrow for this collection because some of mine just sucked. Among them:  The Bat-blog, Cool Toy Review, DC Direct, Ebay, Action Figure Times, Toy Wizard, Figure Realm, Legion of Gotham, Action Figure Insider, and many others. Thanks!

And lastly remember, I am mostly a Joker collector so my Harley collection is of moderate size and definitely incomplete. If you want to help with this or any of the other galleries, feel free to email me with your bit of Joker treasure, some info on it (date of release, dimensions, etc.) , and a picture of it when possible and I will gladly add it to the collection.

  3 Responses to “Joker’s Funhouse: A Museum”

  1. Hey, I see I got a few items that are not shown in your collection, if you want I can take a pic or I can give you my office writer file with every Joker item I own ( I am a Joker collector too ) and you tell me which photo you want !

    • definitely, that will help a lot. Keep an eye for my new site, will have a much larger joker museum. I stopped posting in the Joker Museum to create the other site…

  2. What’s your new website ?

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