Bill Sienkiewicz

  • Artist:  Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Bio: Born Boleslav William Felix Robert Sienkiewicz on May 3, 1958 in Blakely Pennsylvania, Bill (as he is known) studied art in the Newark School of Fine and Indrustrial Arts in Newark, New Jersey and has become an Eisner awar-winning artist and writer more known for his comic book work.  He was primarily involved in Marvel Comics’ THE NEW MUTANTS and ELECTRA: ASSASIN (written by Frank Miller).  As of his style, Mr. Sienckiewicz often uses oil painting, collage and mimeograph and other forms uncommon in comic books. He has also worked in  numerous other media like the music and trading card industries, having work published in magazines like Entertainment Weekly and Spin Magazine. Recentlty he worked on the covers of the BATMAN: CACOPHONY  and BATMAN WYDERNING GYRE series.
  • Sienkiewicz was the subject of a 2008 full-length documentary interview produced by Woodcrest Productions, THE CREATOR CHRONICLES: BILL SIENKIEWICZ
  • Bill Sienkiewicz has received multiple awards like the 1981- Eagle Award for Best New Artist, 1981 Inkpot Award, 1982-83 Eagle Awards for Best Artist, 1987 Kirby Award for best Artist (for Electra:  Assassin), 1992 Adamson Award for Daredevil and graphic experiments and in 2004 received the Eisner Award for Best Anthology (for contributions to the SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS)
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