Joker Flashpoint


JOKER (in the alternate reality of FLASHPOINT)


  • Name: Joker
  • Real Identity: Martha Wayne
  • Status: Deseased
  • Affiliations: Batman (Thomas Wayne, husband), Bruce Wayne (son, deseased)
  • Height: unknown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Green
  • Unusual Features: female Joker, face is painted, scars are self inflicted
  • Abilities: good with knives
  • Weapons: knives
  • Weaknesses: any a normal human being would have.
  • First Appearance: Batman Dark Knight of Vengeance #1
  • Other appearances: Batman Dark Knight of Vengeance #2-3

The world of Flashpoint is a strange one.  Here some heroes are criminals and other criminals are heroes, but no hero or villain is nothing as you have known before.  Though we still don’t know why the DC world was changed so dramatically, and that  is for Flash to figure out, there is no other place more twisted than Flashpoint Gotham City. The city has a vigilante, the Batman. But don’t expect Bruce Wayne or Alfred. Bruce had died when he was a boy, only to leave behind a bitter father that could only cope with the anger of his son’s murder by becoming the vengeful Dark Knight.  No criminal escapes his wrath. 

And this world also has a Joker.  Martha Wayne, engulfed in the sorrow for the loss of her son Bruce, she goes mad.  Literally, downspirals into insanity leaving only a wish to spread her deadly joy to the terrified citizens of this city.  She has kidnapped the Dent twins, and without asking for a ransom, it is only a matter of guessing as to what she wants to do with the children.  Gordon has discover the Joker’s hideout and sets out to make the arrest and save the twins without Batman. In the meantime, Joker has set a trap at the mansiona and makes Gordon shoot the litte girl by disguising her on her Joker clothing. The boy had been forced to watch it all, but it is too late to escape this Joker’s clutches even for Gordon as he gets his  throat slashed and dies facing his ever grinning nemesis. 

But Batman has finally uncover the Joker’s trail and it leads him to the old Wayne Mansion only to be faced with the horrific image of the twins and the Commissioners murdered by the pychotic clown.  Thomas arrive at the mansion and watches the chaotic situation his wife has created.  When he tries to undo the damage trying to revive the girl Gordon shot, he is immediately reminded of the loss of his son, and when he screams his name, the Joker, who had been hiding in the shadows enjoying the chaos, jumps on Batman and attacks him with a hammer.  Batman does not fight back, instead takes on the punishment bravely, until he and his wife are thrown through a window and Joker seems exhausted.  This is the moment Wayne had been waiting, the window to whatever remains of his wife inside the Joker’s mind.  He offers her to undo what has happened in this world that had led to Bruce’s death, but he wants to make sure she want him to do so. At the chance of having his son survive, she agrees, but when she realizes that his son will live to be the same thing Thomas has become…Martha goes insane again and runs away falling into a hole in the ground to die when she hits the bottom of a deep underground cavern.

  3 Responses to “Joker Flashpoint”

  1. If Martha Wayne is the joker. what is our original joker on the Flashpoint paradox? .

    • our original Joker in our timeline (in the flashpoint paradox timeline) IS MARTHA WAYNE…no other indication is given anywhere in the story line that there that there is another Joker in that reality.

      • We understand that, but where is he and what is he? I understand that hes not the Joker of the universe, but he has to be somewhere in the universe.

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