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As time has passed, Joker sites have come and go, and with the advent of blogging the numbers of  web surfers (or WEB HEADS as they are known in the internet jargon) that are expressing their love for the CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME is increasing exponentially.  In an effort to have a complete Joker site, I felt compelled to try to gather a comprehensive list of all the Joker sites I could find scattered around the web.  This is no easy task.  Many of these Jokerholic WEB HEADS  are in much larger communities like  MySPACE, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress and even Tweeter and like many other things so in many instances their sites are a mixture of topics. Along those lines, Joker sites follow fads sometimes and will disappear with the same ease they appeared (like it happened during the 2008 Joker craze after the TDK movie). I promise I will make this list as complete as I can, and include links to all these beautiful sites as far as I can, but if I falter please do not hesitate to communicate with me.

And please…feel free to contact me if you know of any more ACTIVE Joker-centric sites. I want to make this list as comprehensive as possible. (Even those that are Joker/Harley or Joker/Batman are of interest so please send me the links).

DISCLAIMERI am in no way related to any of these sites. I don’t host them,  and I don’t get paid by any of their creators/founders/hosts.  I just list the sites. I am also not responsible for the content of these sites so visit them at your own risk and be prepared to see some of the oddest Joker fansites in this side of Cyberspace.



(NOTE:  Most of the communities I found in MySpace are inactive…bummer!)



  • The Joker Fan Club:  Created by Luis L. Velasco it encompasses all versions of Joker from Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger.  Last entry on March 2010.
  • The Joker Blogs Facebook:  Scott is a young director/filmaker with a talent to impersonate Joker and create hilarious scripts. With the Joker Blogs he had created a phenomenon that has taken the Jokerholic community by surprise and and his Joker Blogs are accessible in any corner of the net.  This is it’s Facebook site and Scott is in plans to launch a second season of the Joker blogs.
  • The Joker: It is a nice small site dedicated to the Clown Prince of Crime
  • John DiMaggio as Joker Fansite:  You heard him  in Batman: Under the Red Hood and he terrified you, now he has his own site.  Meet the voice behind the psychotic smile.
  • The Joker (El Guason): Bilingual site dedicated to Heath Ledger’s Joker
  •  We Love The Joker: ‘okay, join this group if you absolutely LOVE joker. if you have any negative comments to make about joker, keep them to yourself because you’re obviously retarded!’ Ok, after reading this I don’t know what to make about the site.  If it was not a Joker site, I would have just gone on with my search…
  • Man of Serious Jokes:  THE JOKER  is a small but strange site that claims to be the Joker Fan Page.  Posts are active, but most of what I read was quotations from the movie. Can’t tell you much more…sorry.



  • BatmanJoker:   This is a place for fans of the Batman/Joker dynamic to post their fanworks, discussions, meta, and anything related to the relationship between the two characters. Everyone is welcome and we are open to all types of fanworks–fanfiction, fanart, fan videos, etc–in all Batman universes (Nolanverse, DCU, BTAS, etc). Before joining, please read the rules
  • Knives and Lint:  Is a TDK/Joker fanfiction Community where you can submit your stories and get reviews by peers.
  • Knives and Saws:  The Official Patrick Bateman/Nurse!Joker Community
  • JokerxHarley:  Though I like by Joker by himself, I think this is a nice cute community dedicated to the most famous pair of psychos since Bonny and Clyde.
  • Joker in Ink:  Hosted by Likalaruku, contributor from Comic Vine.  A good site to find good information on Joker. Site focus mainly on the Joker from comics to cartoons.
  • Joker Graphix:  Pics and manipulations of Heath Ledger’s Joker.  Last entry March 2010.
  • Knight and Joker:Welcome to Knight and Joker, a community dedicated to the relationship between and characters of Batman and his arch-enemy, The Joker.
    This community was made for fans to discuss the two characters, and post any fan-related works relating to them.”  That’s them on their own words
  • Psychopathic, mass-murdering clowns…: by lovethatjoker from Australia.  Nice comprehensive site of Joker information.  Comic book reviews of Joker appearances






  • Rancid Rainbow-LEGION: Founded by Kanike. This is a very complete Joker/Batman site which includes chatroom, game room (RPG), forums, pictures, fan feeds on everything Batman or Joker-related. Now updated, it is a community for Jokerholics, where you can interact with other members.  Think of it as the Facebook of Jokerdom….
  • The Joker Blogs Site: Yes, you guessed it! They also have their own web domain.
  • Le Site du Joker:  Quite an unusual small FRENCH site dedicated to the Clown Prince of Crime.  Don’t know if it is still active or not, but does not seem to be
  • The Joker Fan Club:  at
  • Mad Love: Joker and Harley
  • Joker Fans: Why so Serious?? This group is for all people and for all fans Joker from Movie Dark Knight.
  • The Joker Fan Club:  at ‘Deadicate yourself to obeying me, and you’ll have a lesser chance of being killed by me. Keep smiling, Mr. J’ (doesn’t this sound awesome?)
  • The Joker Fan Club:   At A small site dedicated to Heath Ledger’s Joker.  Seems inactive.
  • The Joker: Batman’s Archnemesis:  at Squidoo. com. Small cute site includes some biographical material, some animation and movie links, and a list of Joker in Amazon books.
  • The Ha-Hacienda:  It is one of the first (and oldest) sites dedicated to the Clown Prince of  Crime by himself.  Still contains some interesting information and pictures
  • The Joker’s Circus: This is a tiny place in the internet dedicated to The Joker.  Has small list of appearances, some links and info. Administrator unknown and site seems to be innactive since 2008.

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  1. I like this…
    to know what the joker’s joke is please visit

  2. i love the joker but harley quinn is better than the joker most of the time

  3. Hi people,
    My name is Gabriela. I m from Brazil, i am crazy about the Joker!
    Graduating in Fashion Design, my Final Paper ( and collection!!) is about HIM!
    Butttt I need more bibliography (My teacher said NO to any HQ as research source) , i saw two books about him: “The Joker : a serious study of the Clown Prince of Crime” and “The Joker: A Visual History of the Clown Prince of Crime” – BUUUT my problem is we dont have these books here in Brazil, and to order ll take almost 2 months to arrive, to close to my deadline! .
    That s Why I am here, desperate asking for your help, If you have one of them , or if you have lot of knowledge about him, pleaseeee share with me anything about his history and characteristics !
    my email
    Prayinggg for help!!!

  4. Hi, I’m just dropping by to tell you about a really really really cool fan-made film about the origins of the Joker. It’s called The Joker Rising and although it’s a very low budget film, it’s incredibly well-done. It has a very dark athmosphere, and kind of a twisted plot. I’m sharing this here because the film producers are launching a Kickstarter campaign to earn money for a sequel, and they only have $1,668 out of the $6,000 they need 🙁
    Please go ahead and watch the film, it’s just great. Then, if you think it’s worth it, consider donating for the Kickstarter! These guys have a lot of talent, but they lack exposure! Please help them, and if you can’t/don’t want to please share this message with other fans. Thanks a lot!
    Link for the film:
    Link for Kickstarter campaign:
    – A Joker fan

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