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  • Name: Jokerster  (thought to be same character as the Red Hood Brave in the Bold animated series; Jester in Crisis on the Two Earths)
  • Status:  Deseased
  • Real Identity: Jack (last name unknown)
  • Affiliations: Duela Dent (Jokester’s Daughther, deseased), Three Face (Evenlyn Dent, lover), The Riddler (team member), Harley Quinn (manager, deseased)
  • Height: unknown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Purple, Green (Brave and the Bold animated and assumed in Crisis of the Two Earths)
  • Unusual Features: normal skin color, scarred smile due to an atack from Owlman’s Owl-arang. Same as Joker-1 in Brave and the Bold, unknown in Crisis of the Two Earths.
  • Abilities: Analytical and structured mind. Remarkable speed and agility
  • Weapons: Large mallet, gas bombs and other gags.  In this universe he even has a lighted call signal device akin with the New Earth’s Batman Batsignal. 
  • Weaknesses: Any expected of a normal human being
  • First Appearance: Countdown #32
  • Other appearances/versions: Has appeared in two episodes of Brave and the Bold animated series as the red Hood, with green hair and bleached skin.  Appeared in DC animated movie Crisis of the Two Earths.

Contrary to most incarnations of the Clown Prince of  Crime, this Jokester chose to become a hero to fight the thuggish Owlman from the Crime Syndicate.

Jokester was original a comedian and was romantically involved with Evelyn Dent. Unfortunately for Jack/Jokester, he lost Evenlyn when her split personalities started to emerge and she faked her death.  As a comedian, he worked at the Last Laugh Club until Owlman viciously murdered the owner.  After that he decided to turn Owlman as the source of his jokes.

Owlman responded to the ridicule in kind by killing Jack/Jokester’s manager Harley Quinn and desfigurating the comedian by cutting a smile on his face. In response to the attack, Jack hate for Owlman increased and he became the Jokester and Owlman’s nemesis. While fighting Owlman and his sidekick Talon, Jokester discovers the Riddler family and finds out that Evelyn Dent is not dead but has become Three face and married the Riddler.  He also discovered that he had a daughter with Evelyn:  Duela Dent who will become the Jokester’s Daughter.  Together they team to fight the Syndicate of Earth-3

During the  Countdown storyline, Donna Troy, Jason Todd and Kyle Ryner arrive to Earth 3 and meet the Jokerster.  Joining the team, they travel to Earth 8 and after finding out that the renegade monitor had killed his daughter, decides in a fit of rage to face his daughter’s killer.  Because Jokester was only human he was unsuccessful on the attack being killed by the monitor instantly.


Status: Alive, reforming the Justice League in Earth-3 with heroes liberated by Bamtan

In a two part episode of the animated show THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD: “Deep Cover Batman” the Joker of this universe goes by the name of the RED HOOD, but being from the same Earth-3 as the Jokester it is assumed these are both in essence the same character. 

The RED HOOD summons the help of the Earth-1 Batman to aid him in his fight against the Crime Syndicate by taking Owlman’s place to infiltrate the Syndicate. After securing Owlman in his Batcave, Batman aids the RED HOOD so he could release the heroes (counterparts of Earth-1’s enemies) the Syndicate had incarcerated.  After a brief battle with some of the syndicate members, he succeeds and releases the prisoners.  It is at that moment that Batman discovers that the RED HOOD is the Joker’s counterpart.

In the second part: “Game Over for Owlman”,  Batman returns to his universe only to discover Owlman had escaped and had started a terror campaign using Batman’s name.  Batman, now a wanted criminal must join forces with EARTH-1 Joker to defeat his impostor.



Status: Deseased

Little is know about this Jokester.  It appears only on the first few minutes of the animated movie CRISIS OF THE TWO EARTHS helping the Leader of EARTH-3’s Justice League, LEX LUTHOR, steal a very important device from the Syndicate.  When they were discovered, the Jokester stayed behind to give time to LUTHOR to escape to safety, but was quickly surrounded by Syndicate thugs. He pulled one gag bomb from his arsenal and set it off, dying instantly while taking along with him some of the Sindicate thugs with him.

 Source:  Batman Wiki: Jokester Entry HERE

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