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I was browsing the net and found this report at the TMR ZOO. It is about a preview on ARKHAM CITY where it is said that JOKER DIES!!!!. 

Here is tha actual quote from Jonah Falcon’s article:


In CVG’s preview of Batman: Arkham City, it seems that The Joker does
end up dead.

After forcing Hammer’s face into the ground with our knuckles we grapple up
to the room in Sionis Industries where Joker’s been hiding out, medical support
and all. The kick ass, justice dealing tone soon changes when we see Harley
Quinn clutching at The Joker in his chair, crying over his limp body.

Batman tells Quinn to move, she refuses and The Dark Knight’s usually calm
voice sparks a sharp tone of almost desperate urgency as he commands Harley to
move, grabbing her arm and throwing her aside.

Detective Mode confirms The Clown Prince of Crime is dead. It’s a ballsy
decision and one that would usually be reserved for the comics alone. But most
importantly it’s a massive twist that any of the many Arkham City reveals could
never have prepared us for.

It’s hard to believe it’s not just a trick by The Joker, but who knows?

Jonah Falcon is a blogger for TMRzoo and
GameStooge.com and covers all gaming consoles and platforms including Sony
Playstation 3, Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP and computer games
designed for Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Jonah
provides his readers with reviews, previews, release dates and up to date gaming
industry news, trailers and rumors.


I personally think that Joker is a character that you never can trust especially when dying is concerned (how many times the Clown has been killed, poisoned, run over by car, stabbed, drowned before only to reappear in another issue?), and a resource for future games as a powerful contender.  Of course, there is also the other half of the storyl.  So far in both the comic book series of ARKHAM CITY  by DC and the game trailers we’ve seen it is suggested that Joker’s state is irreversible and progressive, that the poison has permanently damaged him beyond repair. The Clown Prince is just a character and both Rocksteady and DC can do as they please with him, but It is a risky business to try something like that, in my humble opinion. Joker is so iconic a character that his death will leave a lot of fans of the game with a sour taste on their mouths.  I don’t know what to believe. I ordered the game and I just hope that this is a rumor…

  8 Responses to “JOKER DEAD?…I really hope this is just another publicity gimmick…”

  1. […] after the blow that Joker might actually die at the end of ARKHAM CITY, I tried to lighten up the atmosphere with a pic of the new NIGHTWING […]

  2. Saw this article of yours and felt a desire to respond!

    I’m not sure that will be the end of the Joker. I didn’t play the demo but let’s keep in mind that it IS a demo, one that Rocksteady gave to columnists to look over. That means they wanted people to see and discuss this which means that it is probably not the biggest plot point in the game.

    One thing I realize is that in Joker’s trailer, for one moment, we do see Talia al Ghul standing behind him. And we comic geeks all know about the al Ghuls and certain secrets they have to remain “infinitely prolonged”…

    • I have to agree with you. It is just a demo and with demos people get to test things and then are left there asking for more. This is probably the very thing that the people at Rocksteady and WB were planning all along. Create a buzz like this about Joker dying so everybody would want to know if its true or not so they rush to get the game, only to be surprised at the end. (and hopefully rewarded ).

      Wouldn’t. It be awesome though to considerthe what a wonderful plot twist it would be for Batman to try to save his archnemesis life,even if it meant talking Talia to use one of the Lazarus Pit? That would be the real measure of a hero if he’s willing to take that step towards an enemy.

      • It would be! I always liked the stories where Batman had to save Joker’s life (provided it’s handled well as in Devil’s Advocate). There are some people wondering if Bat and Joker unite to take down Strange at some point. *drops her face into her hands* That would be interesting to see.

  3. I think, considering Mark Hamill’s decision to retire his Joker voice, it may make sense for them to kill off the character. I’d almost rather have that, than have them replace him. That said, if they DID bring Joker back from the dead, as DC has so many times in the past, it would provide an opportunity (excuse) to have a new voice over actor take on the role.

    • OH, Ho ho ho…hold on. Didn’t Mark Hamill said that they misquoted him when he said that this was the last Joker he was going to voice? I swear I read somewhere that he clarify that this would be his last ARKHAM but that he was not retiring his voice for the character in other media. See if I can find the link

      Here…from a tweet by Mark Hamill Himself (and posted at wwwComicbookmovie.com 6-16-11):

      After the revelation of Batman: Arkham City last year, Mark Hamill revealed, regarding his role as The Joker that:

      “this will be my last, there’s no question about that. But it’s the last hurrah.”

      This lead to widespread speculation that Hamill would be retiring from the role following the game’s release this October. However, the rumors saying that this would be his last time in the role have been proven to be untrue by the man himself. Hamill clarified the through a response on Twitter last night in response to a fan, explaining:

      “I only said Arkham Asylum would be hard to top, not that I was quitting.”

  4. That’s some real dickery of the TMR Zoo reporter to announce something like that. It’s bad enough with all the speculation, I don’t want someone who got to play a demo to reveal something like that! Who does he think he is? Superdick?

    Even though Mark Hamill says he doesn’t believe he can top these performances, they shouldn’t just kill off Joker. Well, as far as I’m concerned, they can’t! It’s canon that he’s invulnerable! (If you ignore BB: Return of the Joker)

    But yes, there are just somethings you don’t tell other people. Harry Potter spoilers on the net, crappy “teasers” by Channel Ten, etc….

  5. Oh sure, they’ll probably kill him off. But if any of you actually believe for a second the Joker is actually gonna stay dead, well… we’ll see who’s laughing, hmm?

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