Feb 082018

Since apparently Leornardo DiCaprio has shown no interest in the role of the Joker in the upcoming live action Joker origin film directed by Todd Phillips, the director has shifted his eyes in the direction of Joaquin Phoenix, star of such movies like Signs, Gladiator and the older one, The Master.  Not sure what makes Phillips so interested in Phoenix now, but it seems to be his portrayal of a man slowly falling into madness in The Master what has brought him closer to snatching the role.

Unfortunately, I would not count him in yet, since he had been considered for other superhero roles like Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, (which I would have wanted him to have instead of the final choice),  and Doctor Strange and passed on both occassions.  Guess we will have to see what happens with Joaquin and probable other candidates that will surely arise before filming starts.

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Mar 162016

Gotham-TV-Show-Fox-LogoI have been following GOTHAM series in FOX network and have to tell you that it still has me hooked.  I love the series’ twist on characters that we thought could not be improved or reinvented.  They find new visions for the character development at every corner and with the advent of Hugo Strange to his project “Indian Hill” just makes the plot more interesting.


We have seen that Dr. Hugo Strange is developing a program called “Indian Hills” to bring back “dead” criminals in an effort to develop an army that I feel has some similarities with the Talons army that was introduced in the pages of Batman by the COURT OF OWLS story arc by acclaimed comic book writer Scott Snyder. Another important clue from the series is the announced return of Theo Galavan to the series as Azrael (?), though the man was shot dead by Jim Gordon and finished beautiful by an umbrella shoved through his mouth courtesy of Oswald Cobblepot.  How could a dead man return to the world of the living?  With the help of Victor Fries serum of course.

Now, if Strange was able to get a hold of Galavan’s body, as he has done with other criminals (remember Firefly’s?) what if he was also able to get Jerome Valeska’s body from GCPD as well?  Very possible, since the maniac killed his father, there was no one to reclaim the body.  So…would Hugo have the ability to bring back a character that Jokerdom has described as the closest thing to the REAL Clown Prince of Crime?  Well, I found and interesting article that might be heading in that direction.  Here is the article found in SCENE CRUSH (January 13, 2016)…

Anyone following FOX’s Gotham (those brave souls) well-remembers the proto-Batman series’ quick introduction of almost-Joker figure Jerome, before Season 2 seemingly put a cap on the character in the most eye-rolling setup possible. Well, get ready to stretch that grin once more, as Ben McKenzie hints we’ve not seen the last of Cameron Monaghan’s cackling madman.

You’re warned of basic Gotham spoilers through Jerome’s arc from here on out, but where many presumed that that FOX DC drama have tipped too heavily toward the character’s Joker future, Season 2 outing “The Last Laugh” threw a wrench in that theory by killing off the Jerome character and insinuating his legacy as a “Joker Virus” on the city.

Anyone following FOX’s Gotham (those brave souls) well-remembers the proto-Batman series’ quick introduction of almost-Joker figure Jerome, before Season 2 seemingly put a cap on the character in the most eye-rolling setup possible. Well, get ready to stretch that grin once more, as Ben McKenzie hints we’ve not seen the last of Cameron Monaghan’s cackling madman.

MACKENZIE: “Not only can we [bring Jerome back], but we might. I can’t say definitively, but yes. I’ll put it this way: almost nobody that you’ve seen go away is dead. They are all able to come back.”

Granted, we left Gotham in 2015 on a deeper descent into the mysterious “Indian Hill” facility that already introduced a young Mr. Freeze (House of Cards star Nathan Darrow), and will soon embrace Bat-mythology even further in B.D. Wong’s Hugo Strange, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility to resurrect Jerome somehow. Divisive though he may have been, there’s little argument Cameron Monaghan produced the strongest responses Gotham has seen yet, and the series itself isn’t in a place to ignore success.

(Original article: ‘Gotham’ Hints Proto-Joker Jerome Will Return for Last Laugh)

Jan 242016

SuicideSquaddateOk, so DC decided to release a longer and more comprehensive trailer of the upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD movie and though the plot still looks and feels sketchy, making me a little nervous about the success of the movie on the box office (and I measure success as the ability of a movie to amass a great deal of profit after covering costs after showing).  I just hope it does not go the way of the Fantastic Four movie…

My opinion is going to be available in a future post.

On the other hand, in the whole trailer once thing is obvious…Jared Leto’s Joker shone with its own light.  If you can pass the looks and tattoos..it seems a very demanding and physical role for which Mr. Leto seemed very prepared an dedicated (if you have followed his Joker-inspired behavior on the set and social media).  Still, they are keeping most of the Joker action under wraps (as if Joker is a secret weapon or something) but so far the Joker character seems to be the only thing that will pull me to see the movie….SORRY HARLEY…you just could not make it for me, though I’m sure you will be irresistible eye candy for the male fans out there….

Well without any delay, here is the latest trailer:

Jun 022015



CBR snowed today an exclusive previews of the new Batman movie titled BATMAN UNLIMITED:  MONSTER MAYHEM.  This will be the latest movie from DC’s animation lineup and the first on the Batman Unlimited.  Of course what is important here is that Joker is the main villain and it will be voiced by the talented Troy Baker who inherited the duties after Mark Hamill retired.

The movie is set to be released in August 18 of this year.  Mark your calendar, Jokerholics!

Here is the movie clip…Enjoy!

Jun 012015

I apologize for not posting this column of upcoming merchandise lately…life keeps happening I guess, but now I will make it up for all you JOKERHOLICS and post the latest additions to the Joker merchandise collection to be released between now and 2016.

Always  remember that most of these you might be able to get through your local Comic Book Shop or may be ordered though a store (Amazon, Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store among others) and occasionally through the manufacturer directly (Sideshow).  Like always, release dates are subject to change and prices are not set on stone either.

Birth of the Joker Statue by Factory Entertainment 

  • Release date:  3rd quarter 2015
  • MSRP:  $80



DC Comic Icons Joker statue by DC Collectibles

  • Release date:  December 2015
  • MRSP:   $99.99



DC New 52 Joker version 2 by DC Collectibles

  • Release date:  second quarter 2015
  • MSRP:  $ 24.99



Sprukits TDK Joker Model Kit by Bandai America

  • Release date:  June 2015
  • MSRP:  $24.95




DC Black and White Lee Bermejo Joker Statue version 2 by DC Collectibles

  • Release date:  October 2015
  • MRSP:  $79.99



DC Black and White Jim Lee Joker Statue version 2 by DC Collectibles

  • Release date:  November 2015
  • MRSP:  $79.99



DC Comics Joker Candy Bowl Holder by Rubies Costume Co.

  • Release date:  In Stock
  • MRSP:  $40.00



Death of the Family Ground Breaker Joker Figure by Rubies Costume Co.

  • Release date: June 2015
  • MRSP:  $74.99



BTAS Joker and Harley Quinn Action Figure 2-pack by DC Collectibles

  •  Release date:  December 2015
  • MRSP:  $ 40



The Joker full mask Sun Statches at Urban Collector

  • Release date:  August 2015
  • MRSP:  $ 12.99



BTAS Jumbo 20 inch Joker action figure by Gentle Giant

  • Release date: 1st quarter 2016
  • MRSP:  $90



Premium  Format Arkham Asylum Joker Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

  • Release date:  April 2016
  • MRSP: $449.99
  • Note:  There is an Exclusive  Sideshow variant with an extra head sculpt available at the Sideshow site.









Feb 272014

His name is Philip Bonneau, and his comic book inspired exhibit titled HEROES AND VILLAINS will open on April 7th at the MISTER  Center(the gay and bisexual mens’s community center) in Atlanta. Bonneau’s style is strong, and fresh and his reinterpretation is a combination of new aesthetic and dynamism. Not everybody might be into reinterpretative photography,but I personally like how the photographer uses the poses, props and paint to create a refreshingly unique (and sometimes comical) picture of what are iconic heroes and villains of the DC world.

Of course, no DC roster would be complete without our infamous Clown Prince of Crime on center stage, and as it happens he is part of this exhibit as well as other familiar faces like Superman, Aquaman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Batman and Robin along with pulp-fiction era classics as Zorro and the Shadow.  Here are some of the picture of the exhibit. Feel free to click on the thumbnails and for more or Bonneau’s photographic art visit his Flicker page HERE.


Nov 102013

GOD!  It’s been ages since I updated this blog.  Sorry guys but real life sometimes absorbs us completely leaving no space for fun.  Promise to do better. In the meantime, enjoy this nice short video previewing SIDESHOW’S upcoming live size bust…really wanting that one for my collection but where will I put it…. (I guess he can be in my room making me company HAHAHA!).  Well, here it is..


Sep 212013

I can’t wait to reach the beautiful streets of New York to attend this year’s NEW YORK COMIC CON at the Jarvitt’s Center. I loved it last year and this is going to be twice as especial since I will share this convention with my very special friend TIFFANY.  We both loose in the Big Apple?  Oh boy, New York will never be the same…. BUAHAHAHAHAAAA!!

Any other of my friends going to New York in October for the convention?  Please let me know… we all can make beautiful chaos together.


Aug 252013

OK, make your selection guys, because the speecial Edition for the upcoming ARKHAM ORIGINS game scheduled for October 25th will come in two editions with dramatic difference in contents.

First the UK ARKHAM ORIGINS SPECIAL EDITION that we had seen leaked from IGN: (PS3 and XBox360)

In addition to a copy of the game, the CE features an 80-page art book, metal game case, the Deathstroke Challenge Pack, and a “1st Appearance” Batman skin. Eight pages of information on the assassins hunting Batman come in a dossier as well. But the real appeal is in the 12-inch statue of Batman and The Joker. On PlayStation 3, Arkham Origins’ CE also includes the Knightfall pack.



Then this is the US ARKHAM ORIGINS Special Edition recently announced: (PS3 and Xbox360)

The special edition will include a statue of the Joker featuring LED effects, an 80-page art book, two pieces of evidence, a Batman Wanted Poster along with Prototype Schematics for the Batwing, an Anarky logo stencil, a glow-in-the-dark map of Gotham, Wayne Family Photo and Intel Dossiers on the eight assassin’s along with Black Mask’s contract.

Additionally, a First Appearance Batman Skin will be included, allowing players to appear as Batman did on his debut in Detective Comics #27 in 1939, along with the Deathstroke Challenge Pack which unlocks two extra Deathstroke skins and bonus challenge maps. Finally, North American versions of the special edition will get a feature-length documentary from Warner Bros. showcasing DC’s supervillains, while the PS3 edition will also have the Knightfall pack as exclusive content


 Which one would you get?  I can live with either one…but I like the Joker in the American one.

Jul 212013

No question that conventions spark the creativity of fans (an companies alike) when presenting their creations at this monumental events.  SDCC is no exception being the biggest in the country.  On the convention floor there were LEGO sculptures of Batman, Robin and the Clown Prince of Crime.  I’ve seen all the efforts involved in creating sculptures like these (at my local Lego Store) so kudos to the architects and workers involved in making these works of art. 

Here is the HARLEQUIN OF HATE in all his LEGO GLORY!


And check the Batman and Robin sculptures too!


 (Photos courtesy of NEWSARAMA.COM)