May 022016

SixFlagsTHEJOKER4DcoasterIf you like me, suffer from motion sickness and can’t get in roller coasters, but want to be part of the action… I offer you an alternative.

Thanks to a well placed GoPro and a very brave bunch of dummies, you can be part of the first test run of the new roller coaster in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Please take your Dramamine and enjoy the ride …

Jan 242016

SuicideSquaddateOk, so DC decided to release a longer and more comprehensive trailer of the upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD movie and though the plot still looks and feels sketchy, making me a little nervous about the success of the movie on the box office (and I measure success as the ability of a movie to amass a great deal of profit after covering costs after showing).  I just hope it does not go the way of the Fantastic Four movie…

My opinion is going to be available in a future post.

On the other hand, in the whole trailer once thing is obvious…Jared Leto’s Joker shone with its own light.  If you can pass the looks and seems a very demanding and physical role for which Mr. Leto seemed very prepared an dedicated (if you have followed his Joker-inspired behavior on the set and social media).  Still, they are keeping most of the Joker action under wraps (as if Joker is a secret weapon or something) but so far the Joker character seems to be the only thing that will pull me to see the movie….SORRY HARLEY…you just could not make it for me, though I’m sure you will be irresistible eye candy for the male fans out there….

Well without any delay, here is the latest trailer:

Jul 152015

219e0e8f76c44732556765f51fb7606eI know, I’m a few days late, but I have been busy and to tell you the truth, though I don’t want to run an early judgement with just a few seconds of footage, it’s hard for me not to get disappointed in the direction SUICIDE SQUAD is taking Joker and Harley Quinn.  I’m a big fan of the Clown, but Suicide Squad’s Joker seems like a bad idea from the beginning  at least for me (and I don’t know who to blame).  My only hope is that Mr. Leto’s talent  would be able to salvage this incarnation of the CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME and make it memorable.  I shall wait patiently for more footage to make a more educated opinion on the subject.

Please don’t take my opinion as the word of God on the subject.  I’m supplying the popular trailer from SDCC so you can make your own opinion on the subject.

Jul 092015

batman-arkham-knightTrue boys and girls…

Just because he died in the ARKHAM CITY story line does not mean that the Joker would be gone.  He now seems embedded in the Batman’s psyche and pops in and out of the game as hallucinations triggered by Scarecrow’s toxin. Probably just for the ratings, but still, I’m very glad to see the Clown again in this last installment of the game. I personally have not bought the game since I don’t have a PS4 yet, but found the Joker scenes in YouTube so I wanted to share them with you all…


May 312015

219e0e8f76c44732556765f51fb7606eWell, the movie might be done with the chase scenes and some other interesting little surprise scenes that have flooded the INSTAGRAM and YouTube pages but as director DAVID AYER revealed in a recent communication that in spite of the great chase scenes through Toronto streets, this is just a GLIMPSE of what is to come.  Without any further details, he announced that the movie will go dark now as it continues production and that the fans should be alerted that the movie’s surprises have not been spoiled…I just wonder what could be more wonderful than Joker’s ride and more horrendous that that ugly bat trying to vandalize the  Clown’s car, but I trust Mr. Ayer.

David Ayer ‏@DavidAyerMovies

Well we survived the streets. Time to go dark now. Remember, only the tiniest glimpse has been exposed. Our surprises are intact.

And… I personally believe these supposed “leaks” are nothing more than free publicity to increase the fans anticipation for the film..

NOTE:  Still…I am not so sure about the Joker’s look.  I just hope that this is a killer plot with a killer performance by an ACADEMY AWARD WINNER that is going to allow the fans look over those hideous tattoos…YUCK!

(video courtesy of IGN on  YouTube)

Mar 082015

Jaredleto&Joker.jpgSo with  filming starting just in a few months, Jared Leto has finally cut his luscious mane and bushy beard to start getting in character for his Joker portrayal in the upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD movie.

The actor has said that this portrayal of the Joker is going to be different than the ones done before by both Jack Nicholson and the late Heath Ledger.

“Jared wants to make sure his Joker is not only something the fans will love, but he doesn’t want to step on the toes of Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger,” according to a purported inside source for Hollywood Life.

“He wants to make the character completely his own. … He knows that this role may be his most difficult ever, but he is confident that he will make his version of the Joker the best. This Joker will be more cerebral and comedic than what we have seen before, nobody should expect a copycat version. It’s going to be awesome!”

Here are some nice videos of Jared’s new look.


Feb 092015

untitledJust wanted to give my Jokerholic friends a heads up.

I finished watching today’s episode of GOTHAM which starred Jonathan Crane and his father in search of a cure for fear (great origin episode by the way) but what caught my attention is the fact that on the previews for the show next week, the big hint is the quote you see in the title….COULD IT BE?  ARE THEY HINTING A POSSIBLE JOKER ORIGIN STORY?

Well, it was less than thirty seconds long, but the kid evil laugh is a little creepy and scary…maybe this is it. What new origin are they cooking for our favorite clown?  Hope they don’t give much.  I don’t want the whole episode focused on the kid who will become the Joker (or two like they did with Crane), but I would still would like to see what hints they will throw out there.

I know many people out there DON’T want to see a Joker, but the series is doing a good job with hinting all the characters personalities in their futures impersonations as well as giving very plausible origin stories based on science and real facts. ( the only one I think they need tweaking is Nigma, but that is just me).

Just check out the episode.  I think it will be interesting.  The series is not that bad…I find it refreshing to have a Batman series without well…Batman.   It is interesting knowing that all these characters we love (and hate depending on what team you play) had a life before the creep in the Bat-suit starting jumping from roofs.

Take a look at the preview from MOVIEWEB.COM 

Remember GOTHAM airs every Monday at 8pm on Fox…see ya there next week!

Dec 282014

ArkhamoriginJoker01My friend Kanike liked this site and with good reason.  Russ Burlingame, correspondent for COMICBOOK.COM has a nice overview about the character of the Clown Prince of Crime for those that are new to Jokerdom.  Russ gives away nice facts, recommends an initial bibliography all in a very interesting (and entertaining) segment dedicated to our psychotic clown.  Please enjoy…

Click on the video screen to begin.

(Video courtesy of COMICBOOK.COM.  For more reports, please visit site HERE)

Apr 202014

arkhamassaultmovieRemember that special ops team Amanda Waller put together to do special suicide mission for the government? Well, imagine now that in the ARKHAM VIDEO GAME FRANCHISE.

Yep…you get the idea  This time the Joker (the story obviously happens before the clown’s demise) has set a dirty bomb in Gotham and it’s up to Batman and the Suicide Squad to put an end to the Clown’s maniacal plans.  That is the main story line in DC’s new animated  original movie BATMAN : ASSAULT IN ARKHAM to debut sometime in the fall of this year in both Blu Ray and Digital format. Love the interpretation of some of the Suicide Squad characters in this AKHAMVERSE And the animation is quite impressive reminiscent of the dark style of the ARKHAM franchise

It will feature the recognizable voice of KEVIN CONROY as Batman along with Tara Strong, Neal McDonough, Hayden Walch (and from the sounds of it, Troy Baker might be voicing Joker once more,,,yus!)


And here is the animated clip circulating on the internet:


(Thanks to FATMOVIEGUY  and ZERGNET for the trailer, though a version is available at YouTube as well)

Feb 162014

lordjazoryoutubeIt’s been a while since I have updated this site, but the new place is keeping me very busy, still I have for you a treat. Talented voice actor LordJazor has released another little Joker video, this time an original piece entitled THE JOKER’S REVERSE THERAPY HOUR. Hope you all like it…


(For more of Lord Jazor’s great voice acting work, please visit his YouTube Channel HERE)