Jun 182016

killingjoke_ani_byphaYou can get to see the KILLING JOKE on the big screen before it hits the stores

FATHOM EVENTS, along DC COMICS  have organized a one night event where they will show the KILLING JOKE animated film in  theaters world wide.

The special event is to occur on JULY 25 and many theaters offer two showing times.  You can visit Fathom Events site HERE to see a list of the theaters who are going to show the movie and purchase your tickets ($13.31 + service fee).

I already have purchased mine and can’t wait to hear Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy through the speaker system and watch the movie in digital…Hurry fast to get yours before they are gone…

Apr 032016

killingjoke_ani_byphaMy favorite Joker story of all time, and I can’t just way to see it…so to tease the fans DC Has released a preview of the animated film…full 10 minutes of insights of what promises to be one of the best Batman animated films in a long time.   Please sit back and enjoy this nice preview with me…


I can’t wait for this film to come out….


Mar 152016

killingjoke_ani_byphaWho’s not excited to hear the incredible duo of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy once more in the retelling of what is probably the most cherished Joker/Batman story of all times?  The dream is coming slowly true as production continues.  Mark Hamill, just teasing fans, tweeted us a first look at what the clash of the two enemies would look like in a production still from the movie.  It is so reassuring that not only the best voices are involved in this project but that the animators did their best to preserve Brian Bolland’s spirit.  Thanks guys.  Waiting for the film to be released later this year… here it is…

Jul 202015

Mark Hamill has his “fingers crossed” that a familiar name will appear on his Caller ID, asking the actor to take part in the upcoming animated adaptation of “The Killing Joke.”

Asked by a fan on Twitter whether he is involved in executive producer Bruce Timm’s interpretation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s classic Batman/Joker tale, the actor was in no way ambiguous in his reply: No, he is not yet involved, but he’s aware of it and want very much to be a part of the production.



Hamill famously brought the villainous character to life in Timm and Paul Dini’s classic “Batman: The Animated Series.” Since then, the actor has returned to voice the character time and again, both as a part of the various “Timm-verse” series, and in other continuities, including video games, animated films and more.

Announced by Timm at Comic-Con International, the animated adaptation will be helmed by “Gods and Monsters” director Sam Liu, and released direct to video in 2016.

“Next year we’ll be back at this table,” Timm stated during a panel for “Gods and Monsters,” implying that the feature would likewise have a Comic-Con premiere.

DC Comics later confirmed the news, further adding that it will feature an all-new prologue, designed to add to the story.


(Original article by Stephen Gerding for CBR HERE)

Oct 262011

thekillingjokeposterToday my good friend Candiss Gandy sent me this note directly from LEGION OF GOTHAM  about a recent Mark Hamill Tweet.

Aparently, even though Mr. Hamill has said goodbye to the Joker after so many years of voicing his character that he finalized gloriously with his participation in ARKHAM ASYLUM and ARKHAM CITY, he has formalized his interest in COMING BACK to voice his iconic villain IF THEY DO AN ADAPTATION OF THE KILLING JOKE!

Here is a copy of the actual TWEET:

HamillHimselfMark Hamill

I’d come back for THAT! Spread the word! Campaign for #TheKillingJoke!! RT: @Cha_Luz #DC lets see #TheKillingJoke Mark said hed voice Joker
Friend Editors and Writers at DC COMICS and especially MR. BRUCE TIMM:
 With the upcoming 25th anniversary of the KILLING JOKE and Mr. Mark Hamill willing to come back JUST TO VOICE THAT STORY, I think you’ll have a winner here (and a no brainer).  THE KILLING JOKE became a classic the moment it was printed in the late 1980’s, and if you could revamp  UNDER THE RED HOOD and BATMAN YEAR ONE that became great success in their animated remakes, I’m possitive you can do an amazing job making THE KILLING JOKE into a direct to DVD movie.  You got the winning team.
Jokerholics of the world:
Lets unite to promote this project.  For the longest time I’ve dreamed of a ‘modenized’ version of THE KILLING JOKE on video and this might be the push that DC need to make this project reality.   I’d say we all make a united front to promote the making of the animated movie with Mr. Hamill once more at the helm of a character he knows so well and he has made a classic.

(Original news appeared in LEGIONS OF GOTHAM HERE!)