Feb 082018

Since apparently Leornardo DiCaprio has shown no interest in the role of the Joker in the upcoming live action Joker origin film directed by Todd Phillips, the director has shifted his eyes in the direction of Joaquin Phoenix, star of such movies like Signs, Gladiator and the older one, The Master.  Not sure what makes Phillips so interested in Phoenix now, but it seems to be his portrayal of a man slowly falling into madness in The Master what has brought him closer to snatching the role.

Unfortunately, I would not count him in yet, since he had been considered for other superhero roles like Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, (which I would have wanted him to have instead of the final choice),  and Doctor Strange and passed on both occassions.  Guess we will have to see what happens with Joaquin and probable other candidates that will surely arise before filming starts.

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Jul 092015

It has been teased all along since his first appearance and later when the first season ended that Jerome, a young man that seems to be the young version of who would become the Joker later on, will be further explored as he goes through his slow transformation into who is going to be Batman’s greatest nemesis.  So apparently this character is the one destined to become the Clown Prince of Crime (at least for the series), I personally had my doubts are the beginning, but it seems the information is coming from the horse’s mouth…. just LOOK AT CAMERON MONAGHAN’s (Jerome) instagram picture…


(Picture and report source INSTAGRAM and FOOD WORLD NEWS)

“This is very much the beginning of the Joker saga,” the series’ showrunner Bruno Heller told People Magazine last February, when asked about Cameron Monaghan’s Joker. “People will have to watch in the long run to see where this character goes and whether he is the Joker or not, but the whole show is about origin stories, and origins can be very complex and convoluted things. I will not confirm that it’s the character himself – he may be – and I’m not trying to trick the audience, but we have a very precise and engaging story to tell.”

For those who did not have a chance to see  Cameron’s previous performance in GOTHAM season 1, please click on the link below:

(Video courtesy of Jo D’Mango at YOUTUBE)

Feb 092015

untitledJust wanted to give my Jokerholic friends a heads up.

I finished watching today’s episode of GOTHAM which starred Jonathan Crane and his father in search of a cure for fear (great origin episode by the way) but what caught my attention is the fact that on the previews for the show next week, the big hint is the quote you see in the title….COULD IT BE?  ARE THEY HINTING A POSSIBLE JOKER ORIGIN STORY?

Well, it was less than thirty seconds long, but the kid evil laugh is a little creepy and scary…maybe this is it. What new origin are they cooking for our favorite clown?  Hope they don’t give much.  I don’t want the whole episode focused on the kid who will become the Joker (or two like they did with Crane), but I would still would like to see what hints they will throw out there.

I know many people out there DON’T want to see a Joker, but the series is doing a good job with hinting all the characters personalities in their futures impersonations as well as giving very plausible origin stories based on science and real facts. ( the only one I think they need tweaking is Nigma, but that is just me).

Just check out the episode.  I think it will be interesting.  The series is not that bad…I find it refreshing to have a Batman series without well…Batman.   It is interesting knowing that all these characters we love (and hate depending on what team you play) had a life before the creep in the Bat-suit starting jumping from roofs.

Take a look at the preview from MOVIEWEB.COM 

Remember GOTHAM airs every Monday at 8pm on Fox…see ya there next week!