Apr 242016

Robin:  “HOLY PASTRY CHEF, BATMAN…. is that–”

Joker: Yes, Boy Blunder…. be amazed by this delicious pastry masterpiece created by the geniuses at Laura Miller’s SWEET AS SUGAR.  The artists took my handsome portrait, inspired by the SIDESHOW 1:1 SCALE BUST and gave it a sweet twist.  The cake won a GOLD AWARD at the Birmingham Cake International exhibition in November 2014 ( and well deserved it was).

Batman:  “This cannot be true…”

Joker:  “Oh BAT-DODO…DON’T HATE!  The masses love me…what can I say. I can’t stop admiring myself in that cake..”


Jul 062014

Everybody remembers the great classic of Alex Ross (know to some as TANGO WITH EVIL) where the classic Joker and Harley are depicted in a black background as in the middle of a dance.

Now artist Thor Mangila has taken a new interpretation on the timeless classic.  What if the same painting was made using the current NEW52 Joker and Harley?  Wonder no more and enjoy this work of art.  Nicely done in my opinion…


Nov 262013

Here comes a very well accomplished realistic portrait of Joker’s henchwoman HARLEY QUINN as it  was concieved and executed by artist ADMIRA WIJAYA.  The version have ben based in Harley’s appearance in Arkham City game last year.   I bow to Admira’s talent.  Very nice pic and realism is beyond description. Hope you all Jokerholics and Harleyholics like it.


(For more great art, visit the artist’s page HERE)

Mar 242013

On my runs through cyberspace I found this wonderful creation made entirely with colorful, delicious SKITTLES.  It is a nice portrait  of Ledger’s Joker too. A masterpiece of art and sugar…. Reminds me somewhat of Puntillism…a style famous during the late 1800 and early 1900s.   Could not find the name of the artist, but to him/ her…my most sincere gratitude for creating this Joker piece.  It’s amazing. Hope you like it too.


(If you know the name of the artist, please remit to me so proper credit can be given to this work)

Nov 242012

I can’t help it…I am addicted to figurative art.  I know that Post-modernism, Surrealism, Cubism, Futurism, among others have examples of beautiful art, but I prefer to see art that represents the world I live in…and there is where Mike Mayhew comes in, adding his passion for realism to the comic book media.

Born in New Zeland, Mike represents a modern movement of  photo-realistic dynamic art called Stuckism, created in response toPostmodernism. He says that “art is a mirror of our culture but that it should reflect the best, not the worst”, and “.his use of bright colours in paintings not only expresses the strong light of New Zealand, but also the optimism he wishes to express in his art.

Here is one Joker he painted for an Uperdeck VS set of Cards.  I love the maniacal look on the Clown’s eyes as well as that smile…as if grinning at a camera.  Joker can be such a showman…



Visit the artist’s site at MIKE MAYHEW’S STUDIOS and MIKE MAYHEW at DEVIANTART
Nov 012012

I found this amazing pumpkin carver’s work in the web, he does amazing works of art and this time he did a wonderful CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME.  Just look at this masterpiece and a fast paced summary of the artist’s work. The master-carver is ANDY BERGHOLTZ.

I didn’t know THIS could be done with a pumpkin…..



And here is the time-elapsed video of the creation:


TWO-FACE is not far behind…


And another time elapsed video of the creation process…


SO SAD THAT HALLOWEEN IS OVER….well, until next the one!!!
Sep 152012

Today I bring to you 2 pieces of Joker art….(in part because I am not posting often enough).  Hope you like them.

First comes this piece from Daniel HDR who is presenting some of his pre-NYCC commissions online in his TUMBLR.  I like the pose, and definitely working on watercolors is not easy task… Lucky person who gets this beauty!!!



Then the next piece comes from cover artist  Francesco Francavilla.  He posted this on his TWITTER account.  It’s simple, monochromatic, but the drastic contrast of the darks and lights sends an obvious message:  “Look at my throne of dead babies…I am one dangerous clown”  I love the layback pose, obviously inspired by the KILLING JOKE. Always loved that Hawaiian shirt he wore on the graphic novel…



Sep 052012

rubikjokerHave to confess something… I am green with envy at the talent of this guy.  I have never been able to finish a Rubik’s cube (gave up one day and threw the blasted thing out the window), and seeing this guy just setting the cube’s ‘faces’ with such ease, just adds to my shame.

Anyways, just because I’m not a Rubik’s fan, does not mean I cannot recognize real talent.  This IS NOT EASY TO DO, and to make a Joker mosaic with Rubik’s cubes… well, who would have thought of that?  Obviously David Alvarez.

Though not the first Rubik’s artist out there David is the first one I see that shows his talent in a Heath Ledger portrait.  Just take a look and enjoy…and maybe I should go back and try playing with that cube again…


Aug 172012

I found this incredible piece of art in BLOODYDISGUSTING.COM (Besides their namesake, this site is dedicated to movies, comics, music and videogame industry), and felt like I had to share it with you guys.

It’s made with LENTICULAR LEGOS which is the first time I hear about them (I am one of the few that has never played with legos until now), but apparently this pieces, once assembled allow you to have two simultaneous images made, each one visible depending on the angle you move the whole mosaic.

This one is an image of Batman that slowly transforms into his nemesis the Joker and the artist is ARTHUR GUGICK  and you can enjoy more of his art HERE. Don’t forget to watch the video underneath to enjoy the magic of this art:


Batman Joker LEGO Mosaic by Arthur Gugick

(Picture courtesy of BloodyDisgusting.com and video courtesy of the ARTHUR GUGICK CHANNEL)

Aug 052012

Surfing on the cyberwaves of Deviantart, I stumbled into this nice piece of art and felt compelled to share it with ya’ll. Blame it on my Joker-centric OCD!!




DESCRIPTION: (By the artist)

This was a commission by a psychology major who was very particular about what they wanted. This version of the Joker is taking a bit from both the comics and the Dark Knight film. I have been working on this off and on for about a year and it represents an interesting point in time with my art where I am starting to blend traditional methods with digital. Although the final print would be considered digital, a lot of the drawing process was completed using traditional methods and then working further on the piece digitally using Adobe Photoshop. So it was difficult to put this in a particular category. I would like to call it “Tradigital’ if there was such a thing.
Mixed Media -Colored Conte, Tria Markers, Pantone pens, pencil crayon and then worked further with Adobe Photoshop CS5