Bruce Timm


Joker Gets Animated!

Bio: Born Bruce Walter Timm on February 8, 1961, Bruce Timm is best known for his work as an American character designed, animator and producer.  He is also a writer and artist working in comics and is famous for his contributions building the modern DC Comics animated franchise

He started at Filmation, working on the layout of Blackstar, Flash Gordon, HE-MAN AND THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE and its spin-off SHE-RA: PRINCES OF POWER, among others. He had also worked with other animation studios including Ralph Bakshi, Don Bluth Production  andn attempted to get work at MARVEL COMICS without luck.  Finally in 1989, Tim joined WARNER BROS. and worked in Tiny Toon Adventures.

After that he went to work on several DC COMICS productions like BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES (BTAS) in 1992 and co-created SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES in 1996, THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES in 1997 and BATMAN BEYOND in 1999. He also produced the movie BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER before becoming the creator and producer of the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE in 2001 and later JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED.  He was also producer and co-director of the direct to video SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY,   but contrary to popular belief, he had little to do with the production of the series TEEN TITANS.

Tim virtually did ALL the character desings for BTAS (with the exception of Mr. Freeze and the Riddler originally desinged by Mike Mignola and ManBat and the Mad Hatter, who were designed by Kevin Nowlan). Fans often call his style “The Timmverse” relating to his interpretation of popular storylines not followed in regular comics.

In 2008, he produced BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT collaborating with Japanese animators.  Along with his animation roles, Tim has also lent his voice for several characters like the shop owner in BTAS “Beware of the Gray Ghost” and as himself in the New Batman Adventures’ “Holiday Knights”.  He’s also been the leader of the Jokerz in Batman Beyond. He had a cameo appearance in GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT as Bug Boy and played the Riddler in BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD.

In comics (his first ambition) he produced several one shots, the most knows been BATMAN ADVENTURES: MAD LOVE on 1994 along with Paul Dini.  This one shot won the Eisner award that year. He won the award the next year with BATMAN ADVENTURES: HOLIDAY SPECIAL. And don’t forget that he co-created HARLEY QUINN along with Paul Dini and in 2004, they released a 3-issue HARLEY AND IVY miniseries



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