Joker Earth 9602



  • Name: Hyena (amalgam of Marvel’s Sabertooth and DC’s Joker)
  • Real Identity: unknown, (Creed mentioned as a last name)
  • Status: Alive, mutant terrrorist
  • Affiliations: None
  • Height: unknown (presumed over 7 ft)
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Green
  • Unusual Features: claws and fangs, pointy ears
  • Abilities: Mutant healing factor, great stamina and agility, animal senses, animal rage, great hand to hand combantant, proficient in the use of military equipment including different types of guns and explosives.
  • Weapons: Natural fangs and claws (prefers hand to hand combat), gun
  • Weaknesses: Unknown. 
  • First Appearance: DC versus Marvel Comics #4, 1996
  • Other appearances/versions: Legend of the Dark Claw #1

Along with Dark Claw, Hyena is the result of a government program to enhance mutants to serve in the military with the ultimate goal of creating the ultimate mutant weapon.  While Dark Claw opts to abandon the project and use his new adamantium claws and enhanced mutant senses to protect Gotham City, the Hyena escaped only to turn into a a criminal terrorist, attacking (probably subsidized by private interests) strategic targets all through the world. 

And one of his primary targets was attacking AIR FORCE ONE and taking down the president of the United States.  If it was not for the prompt intervention of Dark Claw and his sidekick, the Sparrow, Hyena would have succeeded.  Instead, Dark Claw manages to kick Hyena out of the president’s airplane, and jumps after him.  Unfortunately, while Dark Claw is hanging for his life by clinging to one of Air Force One’s landing tires, Hyena was prepared by wearing a parachute and is able to escape. 

No other adventures on this universe have been recorded.



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