Joker Earth 494


 “THE LAUGHING MAN” Scourge of the Seven Seas

  • Name: Captain Joker, The Laughing Man (Joker, alias)
  • Real Identity: unknown
  • Status:  Deseased
  • Affiliations:  Pirate, Captain of his own vessel
  • Height: unknown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Green
  • Unusual Features: Bleached skin.  Nose ring
  • Abilities: Excellent swordsman
  • Weapons: sword, pistol
  • Weaknesses: Same as any normal human being
  • First Appearance: Detective Comics Annual #7, Oct 1994
  • Other appearances/versions:  N/A

He ruled the briny seas with an iron fist and a diabolical laugh that curdled the blood of even the most villainous of his pirate crew. The Laughing Man Joker was known as the most evil of the pirate captains, plundering countless ships laden with treasure and devising the most brutal tortures for their crews.

The Laughing Man was known to capture vessels laddened with treasures and after securing the loot, will enjoy torturing the crews of these ships.  His perversity did not  know limits, aas well as his sadism.  Decided in taking the treasures from Captain Leatherwing (this universe’s version of Batman),  Captain Laughing man secures the services of  “Capitana Felina” (this universe’s version of Catwoman) to seduce Leatherwing and set a trap for him. 

Unfortunately for Laughing Man, he didn’t take into account that Capitana Felina would fall in love with Leatherwing and betray him.  After a sword battle to the death that lead towards being a stale mate, Captain Laughing Man pulled his pistol and fired at Leatherwing, but a young boy by the name of  Robin Redblade took the bullet for Leatherwing.  In an act of rage, Leatherwing lunges at the Laughing Man stabbing him in the chest with his sword killing him.  He left the body pinned against the mast of Laughing Man’s ship and sank the vessel to the bottom of the ocean.

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