Joker Earth 37 (61)



  • Universe also called Earth-61 according to Wikipedia
  • Name: Bianca Steeplechase, Blanche Gregory (Alias), Miss White (Alias), Joker (Alias)
  • Status:  Deseased
  • Real Identity: Unknown
  • Affiliations:  Gotham Mafia, Hayley Fitzpatrick (version of Harley Quinn, lover)
  • Height: unknown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Green
  • Unusual Features: Female version of Joker, first openly homosexual Joker
  • Abilities: Rich and influential. Normal abilities for a human female.
  • Weapons: Poison, expert gunman. Will kill by any means necessary.
  • Weaknesses: Any expected of a normal human being
  • First Appearance: Batgirl & Robin: Thrillkiller #1 (1997), Batgirl & Robin: Thrillkiller TPB
  • Other appearances/versions:  N/A

Another female Joker, this one as ruthless as her male counterpart, though they are not directly related in any way. She uses name and makeup, just to cover up her identity. Another big difference with her male counterpart is that Bianca is openly homosexual, and her partner is Hayley Fitzpatrick, a young woman that in adoration for Ms. Steeplechase would take on the costumed personal of a clown (akin with New Earth’s Harley Quinn). Bianca’s emotions for Hayley are very strong.

In this world, the Waynes went bankrupt after the Depression and Barbara Gordon ended up buying the property and along her boyfriend, Richard Graustark, they became Batgirl and Robin respectively even when Bruce Wayne abandons the cape and cowl.  But things were not easy for the heroes, for there was Bianca Steeplechase, a powerful female gangster who had been able to corrupt the police and government of Gotham Cit, not by any insane scheme but by seducing and bribing government officials.  Bianca managed to kill Robin, but Gotham Police Detective Bruce Wayne takes his place.

In a final battle, Bianca falls to the water and drowns.


Sources:  DC Database,, Comic Vine

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