Joker Earth 09



  • Name: Joker
  • Status:  Eventually became Earth-9’s Manhunter
  • Real Identity: Loris Lemaris (identity alsto taken by Mary Marvel and Madame Xanadu)
  • Affiliations:  Secret Six with base in New Atlantis
  • Height: unknown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown
  • Unusual Features: As the Joker, her eyes were completely white and her hair was blue
  • Abilities: Skilled with firearms, excellent reporter. Above average acrobatic skills. Suggested she has superhuman strength and is able to dodge bullets.
  • Weapons: Specialized baton she can use as a club and certain cartoon inspired weapons
  • Weaknesses: Same as any regular human being
  • First Appearance: Tangent Comics:  Metal Men #1
  • Other appearances/versions: “Tangent Comics: Joker’s Wild #1”,  “Tangent Comics: The Joker #1”, “Tangent Universe: Superman Reings” Maxiseries

Loris Lemaris had two sides of her personality.  She was one of the best and most respectable reporter of the World Finest and at the same time she was the anarchist vigilante known as the Joker.  Other two people shared his character (Mary Marvel and Madame Xanadu), but Lemaris was the closes to the real Joker. Loris, along with her teammates of the  Secret Six, opposed the tyrant Superman’s authority.

When Superman became the most powerful man in EARTH-9, he banned heroes from the planet and after obtaining the names of the heroes that carried the name Joker, he had Lori arrested.  She spent 10 years in prison and after her release she attended rehabilitation where she met current Nightwing and Hex that asked her to go back to the costume.  She refuses until she learns that Manhunter had been killed by Powergirl.  When offered her old Joker costume she refused stating that she did not feel happy enough anymore to be the Joker, and instead choses to done the Manhunter’s costume. As the new Manhunter, she joined the Outsiders, then helped NEW EARTH BATMAN defeat Superman when he tried to travel to NEW EARTH to conquer it and make it into the image of TANGENT EARTH.



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