May 122017

Finally the new trailers for the upcoming DC based game INJUSTICE 2  are out and it seems that the Joker is destined to play this game for ever since somehow they have resurrected the Clown Prince of Crime to fight his way up the roster of old and new characters.  This Joker has a very different look from the original INJUSTICE game, being more of a mash-up between the original comic version, Heath Ledger’s punk Joker and Suicide Squad’s version though the moves and dialogue seem to be transplanted ad verbatim from the original game.  I don’t know if this is the “real thing” or not (since since the INJUSTICE Joker was killed by Superman at the beginning of the game) but it is a proof that you can’t keep a good homicidal Clown down.

Enjoy the trailer folks…

May 112017

Probably old news to most, but the original INJUSTICE:  GODS AMONG US game has released a new challenges based on the successful SUICIDE SQUAD movie.  The challenges will be slowly released and so far include Dead shot, Harley and of course the Joker.  Joker comes in a suited and shirtless versions. Dialogue and moves are not that different than the original Joker version of the game.



May 302016

..and we fans love him for that.

And that is because Mark Hamill, is the best known voice of the Joker in animation and video games.

He started voicing the Clown Prince of Crime in BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES (BTAS) in 1992 after the original voice actor for the role, Tim Curry, was deemed too scary for the role.  Once Hamill took the helm of the role he made him his and came to be portrayed on subsequent animated series like SUPERMAN ADVENTURES, STATIC SHOCK, and the JUSTICE LEAGUE. His haunting, maniacal, and crazed laugh is likely forever stuck in the heads and became the trademark of the character.

He even voiced the Joker in several animated movies like BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM, BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER  and the BATMAN SUPERMAN MOVIE.

Not satisfied with the animated media, Hamill made the jump to the video game industry when he was cast as the voice of the Joker first for the game BATMAN: VENGEANCE based on his BTAS character and lately for the ARKHAM ASYLUM/ ARKHAM CITY/ARKHAM KNIGHT video games series.  He also went on to voice the Clown for other animated games like DC Universe Online.

Hamill then retired but was open to return for voicing Joker in an animated adaptation of THE KILLING JOKE


…that has finally been completed and ready to hit the stores in August 2, 2016.  But that has not stopped Hamill who is supposed to return to his character once more for the Cartoon Network TV show, JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION, which will likely premiere sometime in the next year.

As Hamill has played the Joker longer than any other actor, it’s no surprise that he’s spent more than a bit of time trying to get inside the Clown Prince of Crime’s warped head. In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, he had this to offer about arguably the most intriguing super villain of all time:

Opening quote

Joker is always frustrated because he doesn’t think of himself as a villain…He thinks of himself as an under-appreciated genius. The citizens of Gotham City don’t accord him the reverence and the acclaim he feels he deserves. I give him that theatrical impresario voice, like the Jose Ferrer character in Enter Laughing. The Joker has a flamboyance that appeals to me. He enjoys what he does so much. I just can’t quit him.

Closing quote

Of course, the most exciting bit out of this is that it would seem Hamill has no intentions of giving up the role anytime soon, which will no doubt make a lot of fans very, very happy. However, the glimpse into the Joker’s mind that he also offered fans with this quote is also quite intriguing as well.

Anyone who’s watched Hamill’s version of the Joker knows that this description fits him perfectly. He does have more of a classic criminal attitude about him than some other iterations (such as Ledger’s anarchist), but the reason he ultimately does all of the crazy things that he does is to show off his comedic, criminal genius.

(Based on original article by Zain Charkawi for OUTER PLACES which you can read HERE)
Jul 092015

batman-arkham-knightAnd if having Joker being hallucinated by Batman in the ARKHAM KNIGHT game was not enough Joker for you, you can play as Batgirl and fight the Joker in a prequel titled MATTER OF FAMILY to be available on July 21.  Proof that you can’t keep a good (psychotic) clown down for good…. here is the preview trailer from ARKHAM VIDEOS.  Please enjoy and play if you have your PS4 looks like a good story line

(I’ll try to get more scenes of this story line and will post them here for your enjoyment)

Jul 092015

batman-arkham-knightTrue boys and girls…

Just because he died in the ARKHAM CITY story line does not mean that the Joker would be gone.  He now seems embedded in the Batman’s psyche and pops in and out of the game as hallucinations triggered by Scarecrow’s toxin. Probably just for the ratings, but still, I’m very glad to see the Clown again in this last installment of the game. I personally have not bought the game since I don’t have a PS4 yet, but found the Joker scenes in YouTube so I wanted to share them with you all…


Jul 272014

ArkhamoriginJoker01Hey guys, and you thought the Joker could not sing…

In a tribute to Hank Williams’s COLD, COLD HEART, the Joker sings this little song in Arkham Origins (well kinda…it’s really a video montage of scenes from the game, but the song is cool…).  Thanks to our friends of Batman Arkham Videos for the nice video post. Now enjoy the video…

( See more game related videos at BATMAN ARKHAM VIDEOS in YOUTUBE)

Mar 042014

ArkhamKnightTrailerHQDC and ROCKSTEADY, the game studio that brought you the first 2  installments of the Arkham City franchise are now concluding the series  with their latest game ARKHAM KNIGHT to be released this year.  I watched the trailer and liked what I saw.  It seems we have a plethora oF familiar faces trying to take over the prison island (Two-Face, Penguin, Scarecrow and Harley Quinn)  and hopefully new and intriguing neww characters to face in combat.

I’m really impressed by the graphics and the realism of the environment.   Like always,  Batman moves are killer, hope they can keep the same awesome feeling during gameplay (when the quality goes down in favor of speed)  I personally like the redesigning of the characters, including Bats new uniform, but most I like the redesign of Harley Quinn where you’ll see a very sexy woman, definitely much improved than the other three installments that looked a little more cartoony. Here REALISM is the CLUE…

The game is scheduled to be release later this year for the PS4, XBox One and PC platforms.

Makes me wonder…why has nobody come up with a CG Batman movie with this quality? They can really get wonders done in animation, and just with the right voices…   Anyways, here is the trailer of the new game…enjoy!

Nov 262013

Here comes a very well accomplished realistic portrait of Joker’s henchwoman HARLEY QUINN as it  was concieved and executed by artist ADMIRA WIJAYA.  The version have ben based in Harley’s appearance in Arkham City game last year.   I bow to Admira’s talent.  Very nice pic and realism is beyond description. Hope you all Jokerholics and Harleyholics like it.


(For more great art, visit the artist’s page HERE)