Sep 072016

killingjoke_ani_byphaWell, well, well…either enticing the fans or teasing of things to come, Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill announced that they are not done voicing Batman and Joker respectively for the Animated Universe of DC.  Here is the report by Evan Saathoff for

As everyone here likely knows, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy have been voicing the Joker and Batman since forever, most famously during the Batman: The Animated Series run, but they probably do it a lot in their spare time as well. Recently they teamed up again for that ill-advised animated The Killing Joke movie.

And it doesn’t sound like they’re done yet. The two were on a panel together at Canada’s Fan Expo and when asked if they were ready to hang up their Batman and Joker voices, both answered with a resounding “no”, after which Conroy joked that next they might do Hush, after which Hamill suggested A Death in the Family.

While these titles were obviously lobbed around as jokes to get the audience excited, it does seem like something is brewing between these two. If it is another animated movie, neither Hush nor A Death in the Family seem outside the realm of reason. What do you think? Are there other Batman stories you’d prefer an adaptation of next? Please feel free to shout your suggestions at the first person you see!

And I have to say that thou the news are interesting, after the disappointment with the Killing Joke and his prologue plus some technical aspects of the movie makes me very cautious  of another DCAU adaptation.  If they are going to adapt a masterpiece of comic art and writing, they should have a better sense on what would work best to IMPROVE the story, not sink it. Still the idea of an animated version of DEATH IN THE FAMILY  (and who knows, maybe DEATH OF THE FAMILY…hint, hint) could be very interesting to see…

Jul 072016

killingjoke_ani_byphaFathom Events has booked 1,075 U.S. cinemas — its widest rollout of all time — for the big-screen debut of the animated film “Batman: The Killing Joke” on July 25, Variety has learned exclusively. 

The graphic novel-turned-movie will be shown for a single night at 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. This event reunites “Batman: The Animated Series” executive producer Bruce Timm with actors Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, who are reprising their roles as Batman and the Joker, respectively.

The showings will also include a special introduction from Hamill, a never-before-seen documentary about the actor and his passion for this project, and a behind-the-scenes look at how the Joker’s song and dance number was recreated for this feature.

Fathom specializes in presenting live events for theatrical chains and is co-owned by AMC Entertainment, Cinemark Holdings and Regal Entertainment Group. It’s screened “The Sound of Music 50th Anniversary,” “Finding Noah: An Adventure of Faith” and “Ed Sheeran: Jumpers for Goalposts.”

“Killing Joke” will play on 215 more screens than the previous record-holder, the June 8 presentation of the original “Ghostbusters” at 860 locations.

Warner Bros. distribution chief Jeff Goldstein noted that the movie is based on DC Comics’ 1988 graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore, which provided the origin story for the Joker as a supervillain.

“It’s been a bestseller for 28 years,” he added.

Tom Lucas, VP of studio relations at Fathom, said the level of interest among exhibitors exceeded expectations since the screenings were announced on June 17. “There’s a level of excitement that’s been generated because of the iconic nature of the film,” he added.

It will also be released digitally on July 26 and via DVD and Blu-ray on Aug. 2.

(Original article written by Dave McNary for Variety.  See article HERE)

Go to Fathom Events and get yours before they are gone…

Jun 182016

killingjoke_ani_byphaYou can get to see the KILLING JOKE on the big screen before it hits the stores

FATHOM EVENTS, along DC COMICS  have organized a one night event where they will show the KILLING JOKE animated film in  theaters world wide.

The special event is to occur on JULY 25 and many theaters offer two showing times.  You can visit Fathom Events site HERE to see a list of the theaters who are going to show the movie and purchase your tickets ($13.31 + service fee).

I already have purchased mine and can’t wait to hear Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy through the speaker system and watch the movie in digital…Hurry fast to get yours before they are gone…

May 302016

..and we fans love him for that.

And that is because Mark Hamill, is the best known voice of the Joker in animation and video games.

He started voicing the Clown Prince of Crime in BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES (BTAS) in 1992 after the original voice actor for the role, Tim Curry, was deemed too scary for the role.  Once Hamill took the helm of the role he made him his and came to be portrayed on subsequent animated series like SUPERMAN ADVENTURES, STATIC SHOCK, and the JUSTICE LEAGUE. His haunting, maniacal, and crazed laugh is likely forever stuck in the heads and became the trademark of the character.

He even voiced the Joker in several animated movies like BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM, BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER  and the BATMAN SUPERMAN MOVIE.

Not satisfied with the animated media, Hamill made the jump to the video game industry when he was cast as the voice of the Joker first for the game BATMAN: VENGEANCE based on his BTAS character and lately for the ARKHAM ASYLUM/ ARKHAM CITY/ARKHAM KNIGHT video games series.  He also went on to voice the Clown for other animated games like DC Universe Online.

Hamill then retired but was open to return for voicing Joker in an animated adaptation of THE KILLING JOKE


…that has finally been completed and ready to hit the stores in August 2, 2016.  But that has not stopped Hamill who is supposed to return to his character once more for the Cartoon Network TV show, JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION, which will likely premiere sometime in the next year.

As Hamill has played the Joker longer than any other actor, it’s no surprise that he’s spent more than a bit of time trying to get inside the Clown Prince of Crime’s warped head. In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, he had this to offer about arguably the most intriguing super villain of all time:

Opening quote

Joker is always frustrated because he doesn’t think of himself as a villain…He thinks of himself as an under-appreciated genius. The citizens of Gotham City don’t accord him the reverence and the acclaim he feels he deserves. I give him that theatrical impresario voice, like the Jose Ferrer character in Enter Laughing. The Joker has a flamboyance that appeals to me. He enjoys what he does so much. I just can’t quit him.

Closing quote

Of course, the most exciting bit out of this is that it would seem Hamill has no intentions of giving up the role anytime soon, which will no doubt make a lot of fans very, very happy. However, the glimpse into the Joker’s mind that he also offered fans with this quote is also quite intriguing as well.

Anyone who’s watched Hamill’s version of the Joker knows that this description fits him perfectly. He does have more of a classic criminal attitude about him than some other iterations (such as Ledger’s anarchist), but the reason he ultimately does all of the crazy things that he does is to show off his comedic, criminal genius.

(Based on original article by Zain Charkawi for OUTER PLACES which you can read HERE)
Apr 162016

BTASKillingJOKEIn the original KILLING JOKE written by Alan Moore, characters like Barbara Gordon were relegated to a background that left many questions laying on the table and left a strong woman just a toy for the Clown Prince to play with.

Don’t take me wrong. In the time when KILLING JOKE was written (almost 30 years ago…GOD I’M OLD!), the story was wonderfully crafted to enhance the main theme of the story: a deep dive into the Joker’s twisted psyche viewed on the shadow of his relationship with the Batman.  That is all cool, but it is also true that because of the media limitations, exploring other characters and other emotions than those of the main characters was extremely difficult if not impossible then.

Now, the new generation wants to know more, want to explore more of who Barbara Gordon is, and related more to her to understand the tragedy of her assault. The animation media, allows just for that and DC is adding a  specials 15 minute prologue to explore Barbara Gordon before her painful encounter with the Joker.

“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has accepted the MPAA’s “R” rating for its upcoming animated film, Batman: The Killing Joke, choosing to remain true to the landmark DC Comics graphic novel’s violent, controversial story, and making the film the first non-PG/PG-13 rated movie in the nine-year history of the DC Universe Original Movie franchise. At this time, there are no plans for an edited, PG-13 version of the film. The animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke is executive produced by Bruce Timm and will retell this classic tale in an exciting new way. It’ll also feature an original 15-minute prologue that helps set up the story, giving even longtime fans of the story something new to look forward to.”

I don’t know you guys, but this is just pure genius.

I think that this addition will allow a little more dimension to her character and enrich an already loaded drama.  That, added to the fact that the movie is going to be R-rated, gives hopes that the story can follow on the original steps for what was intended: To EXPLORE THE PERVERSE MIND OF GOTHAM’S MOST DANGEROUS CRIMINAL.

Hope DC has a chance to “explore” a little more of the other supporting characters through dialogue and animation as well….

Can’t hardly hold my enthusiasm and hope Summer is soon here…

(Read the complete MOVIEWEB article HERE)

Apr 162016


Entertainment Weekly has reported on their site that the Animation studio has rated their Direct to Video animated film THE KILLING JOKE  R…which sets a precedent for the DC Animated Universe.

Batman: The Killing Joke isn’t kidding around. Warner Bros’. direct-to-video animated film based on the notorious Alan Moore comic has been rated R, the studio’s home entertainment division tells EW exclusively.

The Killing Joke marks the first film in the DC Universe Original Movie franchise to receive an R rating, and the second Batman movie to do so. (The extended home-video version of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the first.)

And for me this is encouraging.  Means that DC is sticking to the original spirit of the novel written by Alan Moore and not “watering” the material for a younger audience.  This was not a graphic novel for children when it was first published, and it is DEFINITELY NOT A FILM FOR CHILDREN even now.  I can’t wait to see the movie.

(For the complete ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY article, please go HERE)

Apr 032016

killingjoke_ani_byphaMy favorite Joker story of all time, and I can’t just way to see it…so to tease the fans DC Has released a preview of the animated film…full 10 minutes of insights of what promises to be one of the best Batman animated films in a long time.   Please sit back and enjoy this nice preview with me…


I can’t wait for this film to come out….


Mar 152016

killingjoke_ani_byphaWho’s not excited to hear the incredible duo of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy once more in the retelling of what is probably the most cherished Joker/Batman story of all times?  The dream is coming slowly true as production continues.  Mark Hamill, just teasing fans, tweeted us a first look at what the clash of the two enemies would look like in a production still from the movie.  It is so reassuring that not only the best voices are involved in this project but that the animators did their best to preserve Brian Bolland’s spirit.  Thanks guys.  Waiting for the film to be released later this year… here it is…

Aug 132015

While checking the internet, saw that COMIC BOOK RESOURCES announced that DC has signed a new voice for their collaboration with LEGO for a BATMAN MOVIE to be released in  February, 2017. Joker’s new voice for the movie will  be done by (Hangover) Zach Galifianakis.

And it took me by surprise. WHY?


Well, it is obvious for those of you (me included) who had played the LEGO BATMAN games that the Joker was voiced by Clown Prince veteran Christopher Corey Smith.  His voice acting, to my taste, was excellent, being both funny and intense (by this I mean that it sounded as if he “felt” the character and enjoyed it).  After successfully voicing the Clown in  two video games and a DVD movie I really believed that Cory Smith had become synonymous with the LEGO Joker (much like Mark Hamill became synonymous with the BATS Joker).  Or was he really?

On behalf of Mr. Galifianakis I have to say, he is a  voice actor on his own right with an extensive resume, especially having voiced The Simpsons’ Lucas Bortner  and Puss in Boots’ Humpty Alexander Dumpty , but does he have what it takes to voice Joker?  * scratches head*  True, this is just a LEGO movie, not the Killing Joke or anything, no biggie…right? Well, yes…but there are voice pairings out there that just do not work (I’m still trying to reconcile Brent Spiner’s voicing Joker in Young Justice which made my head spin, though it was probably most likely due of the poor dialogue that was written for the character to begin with).

I will stop now.

Truth is I have no frame or reference to throw an opinion on the subject.  Just wanted to express how I felt about Corey Smith not being a part of this new LEGO Batman movie, but I hate to pass judgement before hearing Galifianakis’ Joker, so… I will just sit back and wait for the first glimpses of his voice acting that will surely start appearing sometime next year.  Hopefully it will be a refreshing change….*crosses fingers*

(Original article  and unedited picture on COMIC BOOK RESOURCES HERE)

Jul 202015

Mark Hamill has his “fingers crossed” that a familiar name will appear on his Caller ID, asking the actor to take part in the upcoming animated adaptation of “The Killing Joke.”

Asked by a fan on Twitter whether he is involved in executive producer Bruce Timm’s interpretation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s classic Batman/Joker tale, the actor was in no way ambiguous in his reply: No, he is not yet involved, but he’s aware of it and want very much to be a part of the production.



Hamill famously brought the villainous character to life in Timm and Paul Dini’s classic “Batman: The Animated Series.” Since then, the actor has returned to voice the character time and again, both as a part of the various “Timm-verse” series, and in other continuities, including video games, animated films and more.

Announced by Timm at Comic-Con International, the animated adaptation will be helmed by “Gods and Monsters” director Sam Liu, and released direct to video in 2016.

“Next year we’ll be back at this table,” Timm stated during a panel for “Gods and Monsters,” implying that the feature would likewise have a Comic-Con premiere.

DC Comics later confirmed the news, further adding that it will feature an all-new prologue, designed to add to the story.


(Original article by Stephen Gerding for CBR HERE)