May 122017

Finally the new trailers for the upcoming DC based game INJUSTICE 2  are out and it seems that the Joker is destined to play this game for ever since somehow they have resurrected the Clown Prince of Crime to fight his way up the roster of old and new characters.  This Joker has a very different look from the original INJUSTICE game, being more of a mash-up between the original comic version, Heath Ledger’s punk Joker and Suicide Squad’s version though the moves and dialogue seem to be transplanted ad verbatim from the original game.  I don’t know if this is the “real thing” or not (since since the INJUSTICE Joker was killed by Superman at the beginning of the game) but it is a proof that you can’t keep a good homicidal Clown down.

Enjoy the trailer folks…

May 122017

The Joker returns to the pages of BATMAN in a new story arc where he faces off the Riddler.  This new story is the new creative baby of Rebirth Batman writer TOM KING and Comic Book/DCs Kofi Outlaw sat with King  to discuss the details of this new story arc.  Here is the transcript of most of the interview.

We know the story arc is called “A War of Jokes and Riddles” and features the lure of seeing two of Batman’s most iconic foes – The Joker and The Riddler – go headed to head!

However, know King has taken to Twitter to reveal so much more about the story arc…

  • King describes “The War of Jokes and Riddles” as “a story of the past that will shape the future of the DCU.” 
  • War of Jokes and Riddles is an 8 part epic starting in Batman 25. Scripts by me. Art by my genius brother, [Mikel Janín].
  • “A year after he began, Batman thinks he understands the pain and power of Gotham. And the war comes, and he learns he knows nothing.”
  • “Joker vs. Riddler, a war that divides and destroys his city. In the midst of the carnage, will the Dark Knight rise again or finally fall?”

Batman-News also added the following info, from Tom King’s appearance at FAN EXPO Dallas over the weekend:

  • The basic premise: the Joker and the Riddler clash, as neither one wants the other to destroy Batman and rob them of the satisfaction. This causes a “gang war” to erupt with people taking sides, all while Batman is caught in the middle trying to keep the city safe.
  • We’ll see some cool fights, like Deadshot vs. Deathstroke and Solomon Grundy vs. Killer Croc.
  • The arc will be broken up into acts, after a fashion: issues 25-26, 28-29, and 31-32 will be part of the main story, with art by Mikel Janín.
  • Issues 27 and 30 will feature a guest artist he couldn’t announce at the time, and they will take a look at what it means be a bottom-tier villain during one of these big wars. It may or may not focus on Kite-Man. 

What’s most interesting for fans is seeing these to very specifically-themed diabolical characters (Jokers illogical chaos against Riddlers high logic methods) square off. One would expect a sort of psychotic prank war, wherein the masses of Gotham are unfortunate collateral damage. Either way, sounds like a great read! 

(original interview was published first at COMIC BOOK/DC HERE)

Here is a small piece of art from the comic story:

May 112017

Probably old news to most, but the original INJUSTICE:  GODS AMONG US game has released a new challenges based on the successful SUICIDE SQUAD movie.  The challenges will be slowly released and so far include Dead shot, Harley and of course the Joker.  Joker comes in a suited and shirtless versions. Dialogue and moves are not that different than the original Joker version of the game.



May 022016

SixFlagsTHEJOKER4DcoasterIf you like me, suffer from motion sickness and can’t get in roller coasters, but want to be part of the action… I offer you an alternative.

Thanks to a well placed GoPro and a very brave bunch of dummies, you can be part of the first test run of the new roller coaster in Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Please take your Dramamine and enjoy the ride …

Apr 162016

BTASKillingJOKEIn the original KILLING JOKE written by Alan Moore, characters like Barbara Gordon were relegated to a background that left many questions laying on the table and left a strong woman just a toy for the Clown Prince to play with.

Don’t take me wrong. In the time when KILLING JOKE was written (almost 30 years ago…GOD I’M OLD!), the story was wonderfully crafted to enhance the main theme of the story: a deep dive into the Joker’s twisted psyche viewed on the shadow of his relationship with the Batman.  That is all cool, but it is also true that because of the media limitations, exploring other characters and other emotions than those of the main characters was extremely difficult if not impossible then.

Now, the new generation wants to know more, want to explore more of who Barbara Gordon is, and related more to her to understand the tragedy of her assault. The animation media, allows just for that and DC is adding a  specials 15 minute prologue to explore Barbara Gordon before her painful encounter with the Joker.

“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has accepted the MPAA’s “R” rating for its upcoming animated film, Batman: The Killing Joke, choosing to remain true to the landmark DC Comics graphic novel’s violent, controversial story, and making the film the first non-PG/PG-13 rated movie in the nine-year history of the DC Universe Original Movie franchise. At this time, there are no plans for an edited, PG-13 version of the film. The animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke is executive produced by Bruce Timm and will retell this classic tale in an exciting new way. It’ll also feature an original 15-minute prologue that helps set up the story, giving even longtime fans of the story something new to look forward to.”

I don’t know you guys, but this is just pure genius.

I think that this addition will allow a little more dimension to her character and enrich an already loaded drama.  That, added to the fact that the movie is going to be R-rated, gives hopes that the story can follow on the original steps for what was intended: To EXPLORE THE PERVERSE MIND OF GOTHAM’S MOST DANGEROUS CRIMINAL.

Hope DC has a chance to “explore” a little more of the other supporting characters through dialogue and animation as well….

Can’t hardly hold my enthusiasm and hope Summer is soon here…

(Read the complete MOVIEWEB article HERE)

Apr 032016

killingjoke_ani_byphaMy favorite Joker story of all time, and I can’t just way to see it…so to tease the fans DC Has released a preview of the animated film…full 10 minutes of insights of what promises to be one of the best Batman animated films in a long time.   Please sit back and enjoy this nice preview with me…


I can’t wait for this film to come out….


Mar 162016

Yes, the “kids” at Sideshow are at it again, and bring forward another awesome new sculpt of the DARK KNIGHT’S Joker that Heath Ledger helped to immortalize.


The sculpt is awesome and the presentation is even better.  The artists over at Sideshow deliver us another winner.  It is already available for ordering…I am planning on getting one, what are you waiting for to get yours?



Mar 152016

killingjoke_ani_byphaWho’s not excited to hear the incredible duo of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy once more in the retelling of what is probably the most cherished Joker/Batman story of all times?  The dream is coming slowly true as production continues.  Mark Hamill, just teasing fans, tweeted us a first look at what the clash of the two enemies would look like in a production still from the movie.  It is so reassuring that not only the best voices are involved in this project but that the animators did their best to preserve Brian Bolland’s spirit.  Thanks guys.  Waiting for the film to be released later this year… here it is…

Oct 302015

Actress Margot Robbie was also interviews by EMPIRE MAGAZINE regarding her characterization of SUICIDE SQUAD’s  HARLEY QUINN.EmpireHQCVR01

If you thought the Watchmen were messed up, get a load of Suicide Squad. Leading off Empire‘s rogues gallery of new covers was Jared Leto’s wild card, not a member of the squad but still the beating heartlessness at the core of David Ayer’s comic-book adaptation, and Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress. Now comes Margot Robbie’s post-transformation Harley Quinn, the third newsstand star to adorn the new Suicide Squad issue.

A mischief-making case-study in how not to conduct therapy sessions, not only will she not improve the Joker’s mental equilibrium, her own psychological health will be sent spinning along the way. Along with her work attire. “When I got the role I started looking up Harley costumes online, with my mum sitting next to me,” Robbie tells Empire. “She was like, ‘My daughter is going to dress like a prostitute!’ There are a lot of angry mothers out there!”

With apologies to Mrs Robbie, this image of a fully decked-out Quinn might cause a splutter or two back in Queensland. Like a heavily-armed riot grrl, she accessorises punk and street gang style with a non-MLB approved baseball bat and a sidearm the size of Liechtenstein. Note, too, the ‘Daddy’s Little Monster’ tee.

A property Ayer has termed “Comic-Book Movie 2.0”, Suicide Squad is not your common-or-garden superhero tear-up. This one, Ayer is at pains to explain in Empire’s on-set report, is something different. “You do a story about struggle and isolation and people who have been shit on, that suddenly get thrown this lifeline… that’s not so bad.” On the surface, at least, it seems like Robbie’s character is heading in the other direction, but she has demons that need exorcising too. Unfortunately, it’s the Joker doing the exorcising.

(Original article by Phil De Semlyen for EMPIRE MAGAZINE HERE)

Oct 302015

Here is a transcript of the article from EMPIRE MAGAZINE where Jared Leto was interviewed regarding his Joker portrayal in the movie SUICIDE SQUAD to be release in 2016…


Glimpsed on Instagram, teaser in the trailer and much discussed online, Suicide Squad‘s Joker has remained tantalising unknowable – up to now. The new issue of Empire pokes through the bars of Arkham Asylum and lays bare the nuts and bolts of Jared Leto’s wild-eyed reimagining of DC’s supervillain. Nuts, of course, being the operative word for this character.

“There was definitely a period of… detachment,” the actor tells us of his immersion in Suicide Squad’s wild-eyed outsider. “I took a pretty deep dive. But this was a unique opportunity and I couldn’t imagine doing it another way. It was fun, playing those psychological games.” When quizzed on exactly how arduous that process was, Leto unleashes an allusion you’re unlikely to hear from, say, Tom Hanks anytime soon. “It was painful, like giving birth out of my prick-hole.” Ouch.

The role of the Joker in David Ayer’s vivid, sure-to-be-ferocious imagining of the DC team-up is, Leto stresses, radically different from what’s gone before. “If you don’t break rules, you’re not going to strike new ground,” he explains. You can bring your pencils out again, although there’ll be plenty of other ways for this Joker to inflict pain.

Director David Ayer pays fulsome tribute to his star in the piece. “There’s a power to that character,” he elaborates in Empire, “and by some freaking miracle, through the incredible things Jared has done and the photography and all the other things that went into it, we’ve cooked up something transcendent.” So how dark does this Joker get? “He’s scary.”

Surprisingly, perhaps, producer Charles Roven pitches this new Joker as “more social” than those that have gone before. Besides being a sociopath, Roven explains that this Joker is “a very successful and smart businessman”, hinting at another hitherto unseen side of the man. Maybe a man who, beneath the psychic wounds, has something to offer Lex Luthor in due course?

The new issue of Empire – on newsstands on Thursday, October 29 – opens up this anarchic comic-book world in fine style. Head here for a look at its four lead character across five dazzling new covers.

(Original article by Phil De Semlyen appeared in EMPIRE MAGAZINE ONLINE HERE)