Jul 072016
The KILLING JOKE Screening is Breaking Record....Got Your Ticket YET?

Fathom Events has booked 1,075 U.S. cinemas — its widest rollout of all time — for the big-screen debut of the animated film “Batman: The Killing Joke” on July 25, Variety has learned exclusively.  The graphic novel-turned-movie will be shown for a single night at 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. This event reunites “Batman: The Animated Series” executive […]

Jun 182016
Get to See THE KILLING JOKE on the Big Screen

You can get to see the KILLING JOKE on the big screen before it hits the stores FATHOM EVENTS, along DC COMICS  have organized a one night event where they will show the KILLING JOKE animated film in  theaters world wide. The special event is to occur on JULY 25 and many theaters offer two […]

May 302016
Mark Hamill Says he "Can't Just Quit" the Joker....

..and we fans love him for that. And that is because Mark Hamill, is the best known voice of the Joker in animation and video games. He started voicing the Clown Prince of Crime in BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES (BTAS) in 1992 after the original voice actor for the role, Tim Curry, was deemed too scary […]

May 192016
Could this be The New Rebirth Joker?

DC’s Rebirth is on the way, and it’s not just the logo that’s getting a makeover. Plenty of characters will be getting a costume refresh in DC’s roster shake-up as well. It seems like the clown prince of crime might be one of them, judging by this gorgeous variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque. Albuquerque posted […]

May 192016
Playing Joker Was the Most Fun Experience for Leto in Film

On May 19, IGN reported that in in an interview, Jared Leto revealed that playing the Joker for Suicide Squad had been the most fun he had in film.  Here is an excerpt of the report by NICOLE CARPENTER: Suicide Squad actor Jared Leto had a “blast” playing the Joker, despite having to shave his […]

May 022016
Do You Want to Experience the New Six Flags Roller Coaster?

If you like me, suffer from motion sickness and can’t get in roller coasters, but want to be part of the action… I offer you an alternative. Thanks to a well placed GoPro and a very brave bunch of dummies, you can be part of the first test run of the new roller coaster in Six […]

Apr 242016
Joker Art for the Masses:  Joker Cake

Robin:  “HOLY PASTRY CHEF, BATMAN…. is that–” Joker: Yes, Boy Blunder…. be amazed by this delicious pastry masterpiece created by the geniuses at Laura Miller’s SWEET AS SUGAR.  The artists took my handsome portrait, inspired by the SIDESHOW 1:1 SCALE BUST and gave it a sweet twist.  The cake won a GOLD AWARD at the […]

Apr 232016

VALLEJO (KCBS) – The biggest roller coaster to open in Northern California in more than a decade is getting ready to open at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. Roller coaster enthusiasts gathered Friday for a hard hat tour of “The Joker,” named after the villain in Batman. Amusement park blogger Kris Rowberry told KCBS […]

Apr 232016
Happy Birthday Jack!!

Jack Nicholson, who portrayed the first modern Joker in the big screen for Tim Burton’s BATMAN in 1989, just turned 79.  Jokerdom wishes him a wonderful birthday and thanks for your contributions to such an iconic character. We Love You Jack!   Recommend on Facebook Share via MySpace Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments […]